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WWE Extreme Rules: Live Results and Coverage - 4th May, 2014

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Evolution vs The Shield

Evolution vs the Shield – Extreme Rules 2014 Main Event

We’re live from the IZOD center in Rutherford, New Jersey with the Extreme Rules PPV! The main event pits two former best friends and tag team partners, Kane and the underdog, Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight championship! Evolution has reunited once again to take down the new sheriffs in town, The Shield. This promises to be an exciting PPV, and we kick things off with the WeeLC match in the pre – show kick off, between El Torito and Hornswoggle!

El Torito (With Los Matadores) vs. Hornswoggle (With 3 MB) in a WeeLC match

The match had plenty of neat spots and fast paced action, and the crowd even started a “This is awesome” chant. El Torito picked up the victory in the end after putting Hornswoggle through another table.

Winner: El Torito

Rating: ***

Analysis: That was a pretty entertaining match – something I didn’t think was possible. Anyway, it’s time to get serious with the main show.

Main – show:

RVD made his way out first, followed by Jack Swagger accompanied by Zeb Colter. Cesaro made his way out last along with Paul Heyman. Heyman introduced Cesaro, and called himself the greatest visionary of sports entertainment. He talked about Lesnar beating Taker at WrestleMania, and conquering the streak. He said the new 11th amendment was not to boo Heyman! Once again, Heyman nailed his promo.

RVD vs. Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro

All three men went at it with each other, but Cesaro and Jack worked together to drop RVD. Cesaro then decked Jack, but Jack dropped Cesaro with a big shoulder. RVD came back and dropped Swagger, and then monkey – flipped Cesaro onto Swagger for the first nearfall of the match. RVD showed his athleticism, but Cesaro caught RVD in mid – air, but got nailed by a big boot from Swagger for yet another nearfall. The crowd started chanting for RVD, as RVD countered Swagger’s offense and threw him outside. RVD then took Cesaro out by putting his body on the line, as Swagger nailed RVD with a huge clothesline!

Swagger rolled RVD back in the ring for another nearfall. Swagger then turned RVD inside out with a huge German suplex for a nearfall! Swagger then scooped RVD and came down with the Swagger bomb! Cesaro came from behind and caught Swagger in the Cesaro swing, but RVD decked Cesaro with a heel kick in the midst of the swing for a 2 count! RVD scooped Cesaro, and went for the five star frogsplash, but Swagger caught him on the top rope and threw him face first to the mat, and applied the ankle lock! Cesaro dropped Swagger before he could do any damage!

Cesaro and Swagger went at it before Cesaro picked him up from the ringside apron and powered him back into the ring with a suplex! RVD took advantage and nailed the frogsplash to eliminate Swagger! Cesaro then decked RVD and nailed four consecutive gutwrench backdrops! RVD tried to get his offense in, but Cesaro nailed RVD with a huge German suplex with a bridge for a nearfall! That was picture perfect! Cesaro then came down on RVD from the top rope on the outside with a double axe handle! Cesaro worked on RVD’s lower back, before RVD capitalized on Cesaro’s mistake with the spinning leg drop on the ringside barricade, as the crowd started an “E-C-dub” chant!

Back in the ring, RVD connected with the rolling thunder for a 2 count! RVD connected with the split leg moonsault for yet another close count. Heyman yelled at Cesaro as RVD brought out a trash can. Cesaro played possum and then baseball slid into the trash can, sending RVD rolling on the outside. Cesaro then brought RVD back into the ring as the crowd started a “We want table” chant. Cesaro went for the trash can before RVD rolled him up for a 2 count. RVD then kicked Cesaro in the face with the trash can and went for frogsplash, but Cesaro moved out of the way, sending RVD crashing into the trash can! Cesaro then connected with the Neutralizer to pick up the victory!

Winner: Cesaro

Rating: *** ¾

Analysis: That was what you expected from three of the best athletes in the WWE today, as RVD, Swagger and Cesaro put on one of the best opening matches on PPV this year. Giving the victory to Cesaro was the right thing to do, and Cesaro did nothing wrong with his part, and looked impressive as ever.

Backstage, Stephanie came in as the doctor checked on Daniel Bryan. Stephanie pleaded innocence and said Daniel Bryan could surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Daniel Bryan refused, and asked Stephanie to get out. Stephanie then warned Bryan, and called him Kane’s bitch.

A vignette for Bo Dallas’ debut aired.

Lana came out to introduce Alexander Rusev for his handicap match against R – Truth and Xavier Woods, and said she dedicated the match to her idol and the man she looked up to, Vladimir Putin!

Rusev vs. R – Truth and Woods in a 2 on 1 Handicap match

Before Truth and Woods could come into the ring, Rusev attacked Truth and Woods, and sent them crashing into the steel, before suplexing Woods on the floor. The bell finally rang as Rusev laid into Truth as the crowd started a “We want Lana” chant. Rusev ran into Truth and laid him out. Truth finally put his legs up to counter Rusev’s offense, and connected with some kicks and a missile dropkick. Truth connected with big kicks and the axe kick, but Rusev kicked out! Rusev caught Truth as the medical personnel checked on Woods, but Truth landed on his feet before Rusev countered with a big spinning heel kick! Rusev then connected with the turning side slam, and locked in the camel clutch as Truth tapped out.

Winner: Rusev

Rating: * ½

Analysis: That was your basic squash match. Woods was taken out of the equation in the early going, and Truth got some of his offense in, but Rusev proved to be too strong for the duo. The WWE management is impressed with Rusev’s work, and Lana has proved to be the perfect “trainer” for the brute.

Post – match, Rusev attacked a helpless Woods and delivered a fall – away slam.

Lillian talked briefly about American heroes, before we cut back to a segment.

Renee interviewed Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton – Evolution. Triple H talked about their egos, and said they kept it in check. Triple H then talked about their credibility and the number of titles they shared in between them. They said that they would put an end to The Shield tonight.

BNB made his way out first to a good reception from the live crowd for his WWE Intercontinental championship match. Barrett said he had some bad news, and talked about how he would beat Big E and other viruses would pale in comparison. Big E then made his way out for the bout.

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