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WWE history: Mr. McMahon introduces Drew McIntyre as "a future World Champion"


McIntyre debuts
McIntyre debuts

The backstory

Back in 2009, WWE was going through a rough patch, with the PG Era having been kicked off a year ago and a dearth of megastars on the main roster.

Amidst this, SmackDown was on the verge of completing 10 years. On an episode of the blue show, Mr. McMahon came down to the ring and promoted the upcoming SD 10th Anniversary episode, promising that a string of WWE legends would make their returns for one night.

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The debut

McMahon proceeded to talk about the future of the show and introduced the fans to what he dubbed as "a future World Champion".

I'd like you to introduce you to now, the gentleman that I personally signed here on SmackDown, reminds me a lot of me, quite frankly. High intellect, a man who's extraordinarily aggressive, handsome son of a gun as well.
This man, ladies and gentleman, is going to be a future World Heavyweight Champion. This man's attitude can be summed up in a phrase, "simply badass". I would imagine, he doesn't appreciate Oklahoma anymore than I do. With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to, from Scotland, here's Drew McIntyre!

A generic music hit and a surprisingly thin Drew McIntyre came out with a smirk on his face. As the crowd chanted USA in unison, the Scottish Superstar cut a scathing promo on becoming the next big Superstar in WWE. The promo didn't last long though, as R-Truth of all people came out through the crowd and 'welcomed' McIntyre to SmackDown in his own unique way. A brawl broke out between the two Superstars, with referees and backstage personnel breaking things up.

The aftermath

Around a decade later, McIntyre is one of the biggest heels on the WWE roster, and might just be the one to challenge The Undertaker at SummerSlam this year.

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