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WWE/Impact Wrestling news: Matt Hardy comments on TNA departure and the future

What's next for the former WWE star?

News 28 Feb 2017, 23:45 IST
Where is the Broken train off to?

What’s the story?

Broken Matt Hardy has figuratively broken the internet with his unexpected departure from Impact Wrestling as the IWC just can't stop buzzing about the possibility of a WWE return. In the midst of a controversy over the rights of his popular character, Hardy took to Twitter to comment on the decision to quit and what the future holds for him. Here is the brilliantly cryptic tweet:

In case you didn’t know....

As you may have read it already, the Broken Hardys have chosen not to resign with Impact Wrestling after their contracts expire this week. Here is what Matt Hardy’s official announcement:

Wrestling Observer also reports that brothers have informed Indie promotions that they won’t be accepting any booking after April.


The TNA Tag Team Champions’ Broken gimmick doesn’t seem to fit into Jeff Jarrett’s creative plans, which is why they chose not to resign. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Impact and the Hardys had agreed to a 1-year verbal agreement back in December, but issues from the company’s side didn’t go down too well with Matt and Jeff.

Reports suggest that all’s not well between the two parties. Hardys’ lawyer and Ed Nordholm, Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports & Entertainment, got into a nasty argument regarding the proposed deal. The former WWE stars wanted the creative freedom they were obliged with all this while, which was completely shot down by Nordholm.

He even went on to tell his lawyer to ask the brother to go back to WWE. That’s not all, as Impact even tried to stake its claim on the profits that the Hardys make by working on the Indie circuit – 10% to be precise, along with a two-year deal. While Jeff Hardy had by then decided not to resign, Matt continued the negotiations until it all went south.

The heart of the matter

The Hardys and Impact seem to be heading towards a legal battle regarding the gimmick that essentially put the troubled company back on the map. Both parties claim they are the owners of the gimmick and by the looks of it, it isn’t going to go down smooth.

Hardy’s tweet adds takes the attention away from the ongoing controversy and puts it solely on the future of the tag team legends. A move to WWE looks quite certain as they have reportedly refused to work indie dates after April and have also called out MeekMahan’s tag team in an exclusive Sportskeeda interview.

WWE are also said to be interested in getting the legendary duo back, but it’s still not sure whether they’ll be given the liberty to keep the Broken gimmick and call the shots from a creative front.

What’s next?

All the ambiguity surrounding the future of the Hardys should be cleared in a couple of weeks and we can only hope WWE is their next destination. From a legal standpoint, Impact and Matt could get into a battle to determine the rightful owner of the gimmick. Hardy claims he came up with the idea – a fact that many fans and pundits believe to be true.

While nothing is confirmed, the Hardys could be back in WWE’s fold after WrestleMania to bolster the tag team division.

Sportskeeda’s take

WWE needs the #BrokenBrilliance of the former WWE Tag Team Champions, but will they be able to keep the outrageous gimmick? Only time will tell. Matt Hardy has claimed in the past that he’s not looking for the big bucks and wants to make a name for himself on the indie circuit. 

If that is the case then a return to WWE could indeed be a far-fetched idea. Honestly, the tag team division of WWE needs the veteran service of the brothers. Imagine the feuds the WWE Universe could see as a result of it. 

All we can do is to hope Impact and Hardys sort out the mess and Vince and co. pounce on the opportunity to get the future Hal of Famers back into the company’s fold.

Tweet speak

Apart from Matt himself, his wife Reby Sky and Jeff Jarrett himself took to Twitter to comment on the development. While Double J had was diplomatic in his response, Sky absolutely trashed the company for their actions:

Sasha Banks also name-dropped Matt after RAW went off the air that elicited a response from the Broken genius himself:

A confirmation of the epic return? We think so!

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