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WWE Monday Night RAW: Live coverage and results - March 30, 2015

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WWE Monday Night RAW 30/3/15 – Preview

Hello everyone and welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw. After a fantastic Wrestlemania 31, the fans in attendance at Santa Clara, California are, for most part, going to transfer to SAP Center, San Jose, CA to follow the fall-out from Wrestlemania 31. The anticipation for this show is tremendous and unanswered questions exist in droves – What will Lesnar have to say about what went down in the main-event? How will The Authority gloat after Triple H and Big Show’s victories, coupled with Seth Rollins championship triumph?

RAW ended with Seth staring at Orton, Roman and Ryback standing tall in the ring.

Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane vs. Randy Orton, Ryback and Roman Reigns

8:23 AM: Ryback and Kane started things off as the crowd started a “Suplex City” chant. Reigns then took out Seth as WWE went into the final commercial of the night.

8:28 AM: Back from commercial, and Orton tagged in Ryback as they worked over Kane. Rollins then tagged in and went at it with Orton. 

8:35 AM: Rollins worked over Orton as the crowd started a Mexican wave. Kane then tagged in, but Reigns came in with a head of steam as all hell broke loose. Big Show speared Reigns, as Ryback hit Shell Shocked on Big Show. Rollins then Curb Stomped Ryback as Reigns and Orton tried to get their hands on Rollins. Rollins hightailed from the ring as Orton hit an RKO on Kane, and Reigns finished Kane off with a spear for the win.

Winners: Ryback, Orton and Reigns

Rusev vs. Goldust

8:14 AM: Rusev completely destroyed Goldust, and locked him in the Camel Clutch as Goldust tapped out.

Winner: Rusev

Backstage, Ryback confronted Orton and offered help to face The Authority in the main event, and Orton accepted the offer.

AJ, Paige and Naomi vs. Bella Twins and Natalya

7:50 AM: Natalya and Naomi started things off as Natalya worked over Naomi, but Naomi managed to drill Natalya with a dropkick and turn things around. Natalya then tagged in Brie as the crowd started a “We want AJ” chant. Paige than tagged in as the crowd roared.

7:55 AM: Back from commercial, and Natalya was in control of AJ. Nikki then tagged in and worked over AJ, as the crowd started a “Let’s go AJ” chant. Nikki then planted AJ with a spinebuster and decked Paige off the apron.

8:00 AM: AJ managed to find an opening and tagged in Naomi who came out all guns blazing, but Noami dropped her with an Alabama Slam. Natalya then German suplexed Paige out of the ring as AJ took out Natalya. Naomi ducked as Brie hit Nikki by mistake, and Naomi connected with the Rear View to pick up the victory.

Winners: AJ, Paige and Naomi

In – ring segment with John Cena

John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE United States championship

7:18 AM: John Cena made his way out to a very mixed reaction, and acknowledged the negativity and laid out an open challenge for anyone backstage, and the challenge was answered by Dean Ambrose!

7: 25 AM: Dean was in control for most of the match, and drilled Cena with rights and then a bulldog. Cena tried turning things around, but Ambrose came back with clotheslines.

7:30 AM: Cena managed to turn things around and worked on Ambrose’s back, but Ambrose planted Cena for a near fall. Cena and Ambrose traded shots as the crowd got firmly behind Ambrose. Ambrose then delivered a tornado DDT and came down with an elbow on the outside!

7:32 AM: Cena hit the AA out of nowhere but Ambrose kicked out! Ambrose delivered a powerbomb, but Cena turned it into the STF as Ambrose hung on.

7:35 AM: Ambrose locked Cena in the STF and after Cena fought out of it, he drilled him with Dirty Deeds for a nearfall! Cena finally connected with another AA to pick up the victory.

Winner and still the WWE United States champion: John Cena

Post match, Cena and Ambrose showed respect to each other as Cena made his way to the back.

Curtis Axel vs. Neville

7:05 AM: Axel came out and said AxelMania is running wild, and the road to Ax – treme Rules starts now, as Neville made his RAW debut. Neville hit a top rope moonsault on the outside.

7:08 AM: Neville hit the Red Arrow to pick up the easy victory as the crowd exploded.

Winner: Neville

Stardust vs. Damien Mizdow

6:50 AM: Stardust took on Mizdow, as the crowd cheered for the former intellectual savior. Stardust tried to attack Mizdow in the early going, but Mizdow managed to turn it around.

6:55 AM: Mizdow hit the Skull Crushing Finale to pick up the easy victory.

Winner: Damien Mizdow

Post match, The Miz attacked Mizdow and laid him out. He then told him he was nothing, and told the fans they did this to Mizdow.

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship

6:35 AM: Lesnar made his way out first, followed by Seth Rollins with J & J Security. Rollins took the microphone and said he was jet lagged, and would defend his title, but not tonight. This ticked Lesnar off who went after Rollins, but Rollins managed to escape through the crowd thanks to J & J Security.

6:40 AM: Lesnar overturned the announcer’s table, and F – 5’d Michael Cole. He then F – 5’d a cameraman, leading to Stephanie McMahon coming out and suspending Lesnar! Lesnar then F – 5’d the cameraman once again, as Booker T and JBL were laid out under the table.

Backstage, Heyman told Lesnar that “he” was finally here, as an irate Lesnar walked out of the locker room.

Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and The Ascension vs. The New Day and Lucha Dragons

6:15 AM: The crowd started chanting for Cesaro as Cesaro and Sin Cara started things off. Kalisto then made his way in as the crowd cheered for him.

6:20 AM: The Ascension worked in tandem, isolating Sin Cara and working on him in the corner as the crowd chanted for NXT.

6:25 AM: Amazing back and forth action, as the crowd got on New Day’s backs. Kalisto yet again impressed everyone and hit the Salida Del Sol to pick up the victory for his team.

Winners: Lucha Dragons and The New Day

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental championship

5:48 AM: The crowd roared as Ziggler and Bryan made their way out for their match, as Bad News Barrett was on commentary.

5:50 AM: Ziggler and Bryan traded shots and countered moves as the crowd started a “This is awesome” chant. Bryan managed to get the upper hand, but Ziggler quickly neutralized it. Bryan took Ziggler out on the outside as WWE went into commercial.

5:55 AM: After a great back and forth match, both competitors decked each other with headbutts as the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Ziggler connected with a superkick, but Bryan drilled him with the running knee to pick up the victory.

Winner and still the WWE Intercontinental champion: Daniel Bryan

Post match, Wade Barrett attacking Bryan, but a returning Sheamus made the save. Sheamus then decked Bryan with a Brogue Kick, and then attacking Ziggler, putting him down with the White Noise. He then told the fans that he was back.

In – ring segment with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

5:30 AM: Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came down to the ring, as Lesnar looked ticked off. Heyman took the microphone as the crowd cheered.

5:35 AM: Heyman took shots at Seth Rollins while praising Roman Reigns, and threatened WWE, saying he would sue them. Heyman then said Lesnar doesn’t want him to do that, and instead would invoke his rematch clause later tonight!

5:40 AM: Stephanie McMahon made her way out as the crowd chanted for Ronda Rousey. She took shots at Brock Lesnar, and said Rollins wasn’t present on RAW. She said he would be there later in the night, and that he wouldn’t mind being in action.

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