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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: December 26th 2016

The last Raw of 2016 should have some fireworks.

Who can stop him?

The last Monday Night Raw of 2016 is almost here. Even though Raw has been getting heat due to the comparisons to SmackDown, the WWE creative team has been making efforts to make Raw look better. With what went down last week, there is a sense of curiosity among the fans on what to expect this week.

The run of Braun Strowman is indeed what makes the show interesting while Bayley going up against Charlotte is another fresh move that WWE could bank on.

The mid card might poke up with some interesting twists and turns as well when WWE rolls out the latest episode. As always, we are going to preview the episode and look at what all WWE could serve on their menu.

#5 Upgrading the Cruiserweight division/Tajiri’s return

A surprise appearance would be good for the division

Roadblock was a turning point for the Cruiserweight division. WWE has finally realised that the division is going nowhere and has started to make things better.

The return and heel turn of Neville was the first major move that WWE made. Neville brought eyes onto the division and once this happened, WWE pulled the Alicia Fox angle involving Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar.

Austin Aries as the commentator for the division on Raw proved to be yet another positive move. Now there are rumours about Tajiri making his return directly to the division. WWE manage to pull off a surprise appearance from Tajiri on this week on Raw, it would be a great way for the Cruiserweights to head into 2017.

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