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WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Possible outcomes of the Cena-Henry title match

5.80K   //    14 Jul 2013, 14:41 IST

John Cena vs Mark Henry

Money in the Bank is just a day away, and the third edition of this PPV has breached all limits as  far as expectations are concerned. With RVD returning in the PPV and speculations of Kane being replaced after Wyatt family’s vicious attack, there are a lot of unanswered questions to be dealt with.

The PPV has several important matches including the two MITB matches. But the most important however is the WWE title match. Cena’s recent victories where he has overpowered monsters like Ryback is no surprise to a regular WWE fan and he winning the title again this Sunday is a foregone conclusion to say the least.

However, there are a few possible outcomes that we can expect from this match. Deep within, I don’t want Henry’s emotional fake retirement speech to go in vain. Frankly, I feel put in all his emotions, and that was the nearest we got to hearing Henry’s real retirement speech, making it obvious that WWE needs to give this man the title that he deserves.

Anyway, here are the possible outcomes of the match and the changes that the results will bring to the title scenario.

1. John Cena retains the title

John Cena

Well, this looks the most obvious result. The Cena factor is something that makes all PPVs predictable, and in this PPV too we can see Cena gain a huge advantage. John Cena was made to look strong again this week on RAW despite the attack from Henry.

It seems irrespective of your size and strength, attacking Cena from the front is impossible, and the only way you can lay a hand is by distracting him. This has been the story with almost all of Cena’s feud with monster heels, and the result of the previous one is something all of us are aware. The outcome thereby is Cena getting thrashed the entire match and somehow garnering enough strength to lift Henry and hit the AA on him to seal the win.

Though the result of this match is extremely predictable, making it boring, there is a way that WWE can end the PPV on a high. The winner of the All-Star Money in the Bank which most the analysts expect to be Daniel Bryan, can cash in at the end to start a feud with Cena.


While this sounds interesting, a few problems with this are that Bryan is extremely over with the crowd as a face and Cena, despite being WWE’s biggest face, is getting booed. WWE wouldn’t risk pitching Cena’s popularity against Bryan’s as it can lead to ugly moments for Cena.

However, if Randy Orton manages to win the title he can cash in immediately after Cena’s match and win the title, thereby bringing his long awaited heel turn.

2. Mark Henry does the unthinkable

Mark Henry

This result should surely tickle everyone’s funny bones as beating Cena is something that even fruity pebbles eating kids know is impossible. However, this is an outcome that we can still consider. Henry’s win will make him one of the few wrestlers to have achieved the glory of holding the ECW title, the World Heavyweight title and the WWE title along with Punk, Big Show and Kane.

Henry’s win will mean that his feud with Cena continues to SummerSlam where Cena will win the title back for sure. SummerSlam should be the place where Cena will win back the title only to lose it again.

Cena, after defying all odds, will somehow put Henry down, making him weak inside the ring and the MITB All-Star winner can then cash in to Cena’s despair. The only reason why Henry will win the title this Sunday is to improve his credibility as a monster heel.

This is a great platform for Cena as he will look stronger than before after he manages to beat Henry at SummerSlam. If Bryan is the winner of the MITB match, which is what most of us expect to see, we can expect WWE to carry forward the Daniel Bryan heel turn that will allow him to start a feud with Cena, which many are wanting to witness.

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