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WWE/NJPW News: Kenny Omega says all WWE Superstars are below him

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Kenny Omega
Kenny Omega doesn't hold anything back

What's the story?

Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho broke the internet when their match for the IWGP United States Championship was booked for Wrestle Kingdom 12.

Having captured the world's attention, both men are poised to use the hype to make themselves even bigger megastars in pro wrestling.

During a press conference, Kenny 'The Cleaner' Omega let loose on WWE to hype his upcoming match against Y2J.

In case you didn't know...

Kenny Omega is widely regarded as one of the best pro wrestlers in the world today. He pushes himself in each match and tells stories like no other.

His match against Chris Jericho will be the perfect display of two icons from different generations, clashing in the ring.

The heart of the matter

Kenny Omega has never been known as a man to hold anything back. In fact, he speaks English and Japanese fluently so he can cut promos in both languages.

During a recent press conference, Omega said his dream in pro wrestling is to break that glass ceiling above him. He is setting out to become the greatest pro wrestler alive today and is confident that he's well on his way.

He also had some pretty powerful words concerning the current WWE roster.

“WWE, in general — you can quote me on this I don’t care — everyone there is so below me. No one can put together a performance like me from there. Anyone that’s copying anyone is copying me. I’m the trend right now.”

What's next?

If Kenny Omega keeps throwing this kind of rhetoric at the WWE roster he might receive another challenger in addition to Chris Jericho pretty soon.

It's fun to think about New Japan stars facing WWE's finest but Jericho and Omega are going to make that happen.

Author's take

Kenny Omega is an incredibly entertaining character, to say the least. He knows what he's doing and exactly what the ramifications of his words mean.

He realizes how important this match is going to be and knows how to hype a program like nobody's business. Omega might have something there when he says he's above WWE's roster but only time will tell on that one.

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