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WWE Rumors: AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, and John Cena to be involved in the Elimination Chamber match

Dave Meltzer doles out huge spoilers for the Elimination Chamber.

The Elimination Chamber PPV will air on 12 February from Phoenix, AZ

What’s the story?

After the Royal Rumble, the action now shifts to the first SmackDown LIVE pay per view of the year, Elimination Chamber. With the title changing hands at the Rumble, the six-man Elimination Chamber match has become all the more intriguing. 

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer speculated that AJ Styles, John Cena, Baron Corbin, and Bray Wyatt would all be part of the Elimination Chamber match.

In case you didn’t know...

John Cena and AJ Styles put on yet another clinical performance at the Royal Rumble, as John Cena won the WWE Championship after a two-and-a-half year hiatus, thereby equalling Ric Flair’s elusive record.

The heart of the matter

With Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble, it looks like the general plan is to have Randy Orton face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania with the WWE Championship on the line.   

John Cena will have the herculean task of defending the WWE Championship against five other men inside one of the most savage match types in the WWE. Meltzer said that AJ Styles would surely be a part of the match, closely followed by Bray Wyatt and Baron Corbin who have been impressive for the most of 2016.

Meltzer also pointed out the Intercontinental Champion, Dean Ambrose, and The Miz would also be part of the match if the Intercontinental title was not being defended at the pay per view.

What’s next?

The Elimination Chamber will emanate from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ on February 12. Most of the announcements relating to the event will be made on this Tuesday night on SmackDown LIVE as the creative team only have two weeks to set the ball rolling for the event.

Sportskeeda's take

The Elimination Chamber with its glass pods, chain link walls, and steel floor would be an ominous setting for the six men as they step inside the unforgiving structure to win the biggest prize in the company. 

Who will emerge out as the WWE Champion at the Elimination Chamber and walk into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion? Tune into the WWE Network on 12 February to find out.

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