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WWE News: AJ Styles On Retaining The WWE World Championship

26.78K   //    10 Oct 2016, 13:41 IST
AJ Styles retained the WWE World Championship in style as he took down John Cena and Dean Ambrose

‘The Phenomenal One’ AJ Styles, retained his crown last night in an unconventional main event clash that opened the show at WWE SmackDown Live exclusive pay per view No Mercy. Styles won the triple threat match after downing Cena with a couple of chair shots while Ambrose looked on helplessly following an Attitude Adjustment that he had taken.

In a backstage interview after the match, AJ said that there should have been no doubts about the fact that he would retain the championship. In the weeks following up to No Mercy, Styles had always assured the WWE Universe that he would walk out of the pay per view as WWE World Champion because he is the new ’Face that runs the place’.

AJ said that many might have believed that he had lost the title when he actually tapped out to two submission moves. 

Ambrose had got AJ in his own version of the calf crusher while Cena locked in the STF to leave the champ with no option but to tap out. AJ said that he was totally aware of what he was doing. According to AJ, he used his MENSA level IQ to realise that two men could pin or submit another at the same time in a triple threat match. Styles said:

“I'm still here, the WWE World Champion and nobody can deny that because I'm a winner. Winners find a way to win.”

Here is the video of AJ’s backstage interview:

A similar incident has happened a few years ago, in another triple threat match involving the WWE Championship. Back in SummerSlam 2012, John Cena and Big Show were booked in a triple threat match against the then WWE Champion CM Punk for the title.

In the middle of the match, Punk had Big Show in the Anaconda Vice while Cena had his submission manoeuvre, the STF on Big Show as well. Unable to bear the pain, Big Show tapped out leading to a heated argument between Punk and Cena over who had won the match.

AJ Lee, then General manager had to come down to the ring and restart the match, which Punk eventually won. 

Coming back to No Mercy, Ambrose, Cena and Styles put on a spectacle for the ages as they locked in one of the best matches seen on television this year. Right from the get-go, the match was filled with excitement as all three superstars attempted to lock their finishing moves to seal the outcome in the opening seconds of the match itself.

Every second that followed was a visual treat and the action was so fast paced that the Universe would miss an awesome spot if they blinked. 

Styles eventually took the win with heel tactics as he used a steel chair on the back of Cena and grabbed the pinfall win. It has indeed been a ‘Phenomenal’ year for the champ and it looks like he will be holding on to the championship for the foreseeable future.

In other No Mercy news, Rhyno and Heath slater retained their tag team titles against the Usos. Here’s a video of their backstage celebration after the win!

Nikki Bella had some words to say regarding her victory at No Mercy:

Dolph Ziggler enjoyed posing with the Intercontinental title belt after his hard fought win against The Miz:

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