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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio responds to fan criticism regarding his engagement

Del Rio also jokes about Paige being pregnant.

El Patron has choice words for a doubting fan

What’s the Story?

Alberto Del Rio is back in the spotlight again, this time responding to a fan who is not too confident about the relationship between Del Rio and current WWE Superstar, Paige:

In Case You Didn’t Know:

Both Del Rio and Paige have been no stranger to media outlets throughout the country since the beginning of their relationship. Back in August of 2016, both Del Rio and Paige were arrested for violating the organisation’s talent wellness policy. 

There was also the proposal in October when Paige dropped down on one knee to ask for Del Rio’s hand in marriage inside the ring. Paige was also previously engaged to musician Kevin Skaff. The two broke off their engagement in 2015. 

The Heart of the Matter:

Del Rio jokingly goes on to say that Paige is also pregnant. It is not surprising that many fans are opposed to this relationship. 

On an episode of Total Divas, WWE Commentator Renee Young and Paige had a conversation regarding the latter’s recent connection with Alberto Del Rio and judging by the way the talk went down it doesn’t appear that the roster is all too keen about the pairing either.

There is also the big age difference between the two. Alberto Del Rio is 39 years old, while Paige is 24. Paige was previously in a relationship with Emarosa singer Bradley Walden, while Alberto Del Rio was previously married to Angela Velkei, with whom he has three children. 

It was also noted that Velkei’s attorneys had filed a restraining order against Del Rio. The two parties are currently in an ongoing battle in court over the custody of their three children. 

The post was in response to how most of the WWE fans and WWE staff have been feeling about this relationship. When questioned by TMZ as to whether the two got together as some sort of celebrity ploy to boost the ratings of Total Divas, this was their response:

“A lot of people thought that maybe our relationship was for Total Divas. No, we actually love each other a lot.”

What’s Next?

As reported earlier on Sportskeeda on Monday, Paige took to Twitter to announce that the two were going to get married as she was presented with a huge diamond ring by Del Rio. 

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There is no timetable for her return as of yet but reports state that she was at this Monday’s Raw show in Tampa, Florida, which could be an indication that she will be prepared for a Wrestlemania run once she is fully recovered. 

Sportskeeda’s Take:

This is the time of year that the WWE needs to see if Paige is serious about a career with the company. Due to its crunch time heading towards Wrestlemania season, now would be the time for Paige to return to begin feuding with Sasha Banks on Raw or Becky Lynch on Smackdown.

The WWE roster at this moment is very thin. It is hard to believe that her stock is actually up at this time, considering she hasn’t been an active competitor in quite some time. With all the stunts she has recently pulled to keep her name in the public eye, she should definitely be in line to receive a title shot at Wrestlemania, regardless of the brand the company places her in.

Now is the time to step up the talks of Paige coming back because she is definitely needed in the company now more than ever.  

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