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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio reveals how his relationship with Paige began

How did the couple start their relationship?

The Anti-Diva and the Mexican Aristocrat, a strange but stable couple

What’s the story?

Alberto Del Rio and Paige recently made an appearance on Busted Open Radio to talk about the announcement of the forthcoming WWE Studios movie about Paige’s family. During the interview, Del Rio spoke candidly about his relationship with the former three-time WWE Divas Champion, particularly about how the two got together in the first place.

In case you didn’t know...

In May 2016 it was revealed that former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio was dating his colleague and former Divas Champion, Paige. The relationship initially attracted a lot of scepticism, but the two have proved most sceptics wrong and in October of the same year announced their engagement to the world, one month after Del Rio and WWE had parted ways for the second time. 

The heart of the matter

Referring to the relationship, Del Rio said: 

’We started riding together, flying together, going to places’. 

Del Rio and Paige share a lot more in common than many first assumed, not least the shared experience of the professional wrestling business. Del Rio went on to say:

 ’When you’re in this business you bleed, you cry, you go through a lot of things and its amazing to have someone next to you to help you go through all of those things. ‘

What’s next?

The age difference between the two has been the source of much consternation from fans, but why the public feels compelled to involve itself in the relationships of others is still one of life’s unexplainable mysteries. Del Rio turns 40 in May of this year, making him 15 years Paige’s senior. 

Both individuals also have reputations for being particularly feisty characters, and the wide belief has been that the two will prove far too combustible to last.

Paige is yet to return to action following a couple of suspensions and surgery, with many predicting that 2017 will see her leave WWE and join her husband-to-be on the independent scene. WWE Studios and The Rock have begun work on a movie about her family, however, fuelling suspicion that she could decide to stick around in the biggest pro wrestling company on the planet for just a little longer. 

Sportskeeda’s take

The hoopla and constant gossip surrounding the relationship of Alberto Del Rio and Paige has been tired from the beginning. We would like to wish the couple all the best throughout their engagement and the rest of their future together.

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