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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio to reveal WWE status tomorrow

We will know where Mexico's greatest export is headed after tomorrow

Del Rio’s departure has been looming for months now

Alberto Del Rio returned last year at Hell In A Cell and defeated John Cena clean for the United States Championship. However, right off the bat, his aura and specialty had gone for a toss due to his pairing with Zeb Colter and the failed “MexAmerica” angle. It was a shame because the year that he had been away from WWE made him the hottest free agent in the pro wrestling world. He also had a great stint in Lucha Underground.

Del Rio was promised a main-event push, but once the MexAmerica angle died out, he moved onto the League Of Nations angle, and then feuded with Kalisto and has been lost in the shuffle ever since. It was quite clear that he was unhappy with his position, and to make matters worse, the whole issue with Paige seemed to have made things from bad to worse, where both of them got suspended within 24 hours of each other. Despite having been popped for different substances, the timing struck many as odd.

After his suspension, there was a rumor going around that Del Rio had decided not to re-sign with WWE, as his contract expires this coming October, a year after his returning. Apparently, WWE and Del Rio had come to an agreement to release him from his contract prior to the rumors breaking out. 

With the wrestling world speculating on his status, it has been announced by the Mexican website SuperLuchas.net that Alberto Del Rio has invited a large number of Mexican media for a press conference tomorrow in Mexico City, where Del Rio is expected to speak about his future with WWE, his Wellness Policy suspension, and more.

It is expected that Del Rio’s departure from the WWE will be announced tomorrow and after the press conference, WWE will make the official announcement as well.

His girlfriend Paige too reportedly sought legal help to opt out of her contract with WWE which expires in 2019. However, given the nature of the contract, and also WWE’s history of not letting performers compete until their contract expires, it looks like that may take much longer. 

It is a rather unfortunate situation, but from the looks of it, Del Rio and Paige’s relationship seems to have caused a huge turmoil in the larger scheme of things. 

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