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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio and Paige were spotted helping Hurricane Harvey victims

Johny Payne
3.56K   //    31 Aug 2017, 23:47 IST

Paige and her boyfriend are helping people affected by Hurricane Harvey.
Paige and her boyfriend are helping people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

What’s the story?

Alberto El Patron and Paige are reportedly aiding people who were forced to evacuate their homes by Hurricane Harvey.

Apparently, Alberto and Paige are footing the hotel bills for several people stranded by the natural calamity in the US.  

In case you didn’t know…

Alberto El Patron and real-life girlfriend Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) have been in the eye of the storm over the past few months, owing to Paige’s leaked photos/videos and Patron’s ongoing problems with his former employers, the WWE.

Nevertheless, the two popular professional wrestlers are now being commended by fans on the interwebs for their charitable work to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The heart of the matter

In reference to the ongoing climatic changes in the state of Texas, several sources have noted more than 34 trillion litres of water have fallen on Houston as part of Hurricane Harvey, owing to which said hurricane is being touted by experts as a once-in-a-million-year event.

Members of the pro-wrestling community have lent their support to victims and survivors of the calamity, with Alberto El Patron and Paige being the most talked-about owing to their generous contributions to the cause.

The former WWE Champion and former Divas Champion have both reportedly donated a large sum of money in order to ensure people displaced by the hurricane in Texas can avail accommodation at hotels. 

What’s next?

Several residents of Texas have been forced to leave their homes and undergo an emergency evacuation from the storm-struck areas to safer regions.

On that note, most citizens of the Lone Star State have been facing severe problems, particularly due to the sudden emergency, which has led to a shortage of funds on their part to pay for accommodation and food.

Authorities advise people in and around the storm-struck areas to stay alert and keep themselves updated regarding guidelines and news regarding the same.

Author’s take

What’s happening in the great state of Texas right now is an unfortunate event, but as the old saying goes—“This time too shall pass.”

Big props to Paige and Alberto for their timely help and contribution to a good cause. Sportskeeda sends its thoughts and prayers to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Stay safe.   

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