WWE News: Braun Strowman responds to Bray Wyatt's apology

Strowman and The Fiend
Strowman and The Fiend
Abhilash Mendhe

Bray Wyatt apologized to Braun Strowman recently after putting him down with a Mandible Claw at the end of Monday Night RAW. Strowman posted a response to the tweet, stating that Wyatt doesn't know what he has started.

Wyatt attacks Strowman

Wyatt is taking the WWE by storm with his alter ego, The Fiend. The sinister entity has been hounding WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins ever since he retained his title against Strowman at Clash of Champions. The Fiend is also making a point to attack everyone who comes in his path, no matter who he is feuding with at the time.

Recently, he attacked Kane, who had come out to Rollins' rescue on an episode of RAW. Last night, Rollins and Strowman faced off in the main event of RAW, but The Fiend had something else cooking. He interrupted the bout and applied a Mandible Claw on his former ally. Strowman got put down as a terrified Rollins watched from the corner.

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The Twitter exchange

It's not a secret that these two men have lots of history together. Strowman came up to the main roster years ago as the newest member of The Wyatt Family. He was a part of the faction for a good while before going his own way as a singles Superstar. After the attack on Monday Night RAW, Wyatt did what fans were expecting of him, and posted an apology on Twitter, directed towards Strowman.

Wyatt asked Strowman to forgive 'them', and added that everything will make sense when it's all said and done. Strowman wasn't thrilled with the apology one bit, and posted a response to the same. He stated that he isn't the same boy from their Wyatt Family days. Wyatt replied to this tweet, saying that he isn't the same person too, and asked Strowmann to stay away from him.

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