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WWE News: Bret Hart's brother claims Seth Rollins is a danger to Professional Wrestling

Bret Hart's brother, Smith Hart went on a vitriolic tirade criticizing Seth Rollins and suggested him to give up Professional Wrestling!

Seth Rollins in the midst of another controversy

Smith Hart (Bret Hart’s brother) went on a vitriolic tirade criticising Seth Rollins’ in-ring technique and calling him a danger to the business. He also said that Rollins has "Minimum charisma, limited personality and absolutely minimal psychology.”

He posted the following on his Facebook profile:

“To the hardcore, die-hard, internet wrestling community I must ask when is enough, enough. I know my brother Bret has taken the lead in this topic, but I truly do not feel this is getting enough attention. Seth Rollins is an absolute danger to the business. Reports are coming out that a wrestling student has died while training at Seth Rollins school in Illinois. 

“I have trained students for over 40 years and my family has trained some of the most well-known superstars of all time for more than 70 years and never has a student even been seriously injured let alone died. This is after numerous reports of his unsafe work in the ring. In the last year Rollins has critically injured in the ring John Cena, Sting, Finn Balor and even himself.

“Yet the hardcore audience stand by him as some sort of folk hero. Why? This "performer" has limited charisma, limited personality and absolutely minimal psychology. Does he do fantastic highspots? Yes. And is he a magnificent Crossfit athlete? Absolutely. But he is an absolutely horrible professional wrestler.

“The goal in professional wrestling is to make it look real without hurting anyone. But Rollins manages to do the opposite as he makes it look fake while critically injuring talented wrestlers. Take this buckle bomb which is the cause of many of these injuries. A logical, rationale human being would know that it would be physically impossible to "shoot" that move on anyone, let alone anyone 3 times the size of him, which most professional wrestlers would be.

“Perhaps he should follow his buddy CM Punk into the UFC to try shooting that move onto a Mickey Gall and see what happens. There is zero logic into his moveset, just high spots for the sake of high spots and it is injuring people, ending careers and now killing people. I understand that little is known about this death as it is in the early stages. Likely it was more cardiovascularly related. But therein lies another issue.

“Rollins is a fantastic crossfit athlete that trained for years to have the conditioning that he does. He can't logically expect everyone off the street to have that same conditioning right away and logically would need to implement a more graduated conditioning system. But beyond that why would anyone want to train under someone who has proven to be so reckless?

“With as many proven qualified wrestling schools and trainers in the world like Lance Storm, Santino Marella, Team 3D, Dory Funk, Tom Prichard or Booker T, why would you waste your money and your health training under someone who has a higher risk of injuring you than advancing your career. And finally to Seth Rollins, if you read this. Take consideration of the people you are working with and learn to work safely or give up and find another profession.”

The above rant comes in light of the death of a student at Rollins’ school. Following the injury sustained by Finn Balor at SummerSlam against Rollins, Bret Hart had criticized The Architect for being 'reckless' and had said that he needs to improve his technique as he is injuring talents. But he also mentioned that he has great respect for Rollins and that he believes Rollins will improve and hopefully stop hurting people.

Rollins had also previously been accused of injuring Superstars following injuries to Sting and John Cena and The Architect himself missed more than 6 months of action due to a knee injury sustained last year.

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