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WWE News: Bruce Prichard speaks about when Paul Heyman was embarrassed at Vince McMahon's house

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Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Paul Heyman
Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Paul Heyman

What’s the story?

On a recent episode of Bruce Prichard’s Something to Wrestle With podcast, the former Brother Love talked about several incidents from Paul Heyman's tenure as the lead writer on SmackDown Live.

The Background

According to Prichard, writers (such as Heyman) would have to travel to Vince McMahon’s home in Florida during the holidays if they needed to meet with him.

During the visit, it was common for Stephanie McMahon to give the writers cash to go out and eat, which unintentionally offended Heyman during a visit.

The heart of the matter

In Prichard’s words the incident was as follows:

"We were downstairs deciding where to go and they had suggested this really nice restaurant down the road and Paul is like, 'I guess we're not good enough to eat in the family domicile! We're just the help. Send the help out to get lunch. Send a few dollars their way and send them away to get their own lunch while we dine on fine cuisine prepared by the chef and have the staff wait on us!'"

Prichard goes on to clarify that while the majority of people present at the meeting went to lunch together, Heyman and Dave Lagana opted for fast food and pocketed the rest of the cash. A similar event occurred when Heyman and the other writers were offered water from a cooler instead of bottled water.

This resulted in Heyman bringing his own bottled water to the house, because he felt the message the McMahons were sending was he was not good enough to drink their water.

What's next?

In regards to Heyman’s suspension and subsequent removal as head writer of Smackdown, it seems that constant butting heads with upper management, specifically Vince McMahon played a large role in the decision.

According to Prichard, Heyman’s actions behind the scenes included missing deadlines, being late for meetings, and becoming argumentative at every opportunity, culminated in McMahon making the decision to suspend him.

Prichard went on to commend Heyman on his talent and mind for the business, and explain that the situation came down to Vince (McMahon) enjoying a challenge to an extent, but Paul (Heyman) did not know when to quit and kept pushing buttons.

Author's Take

Paul Heyman's seemingly short fuse is surprising, to say the least. However, it is interesting to note that each instance of his offense has to do with the perception that he "isn't good enough" and may play to a larger issue he has had in his life.

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