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WWE News: Chris Jericho on who he originally wanted to face at WrestleMania 29

Rohit Nath
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Chris J
Chris Jericho put over Fandango at WrestleMania 29

What's the story?

In Chris Jericho's latest book No Is a Four Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling But Succeeded in Life, he revealed his original creative plans for WrestleMania 29 and who he wanted to put over.

In case you didn't know...

Chris Jericho faced off against Fandango at WrestleMania 29. It was Fandango's in-ring main roster debut and it was a huge surprise that he ended up going over the once-WrestleMania main eventer.

However, things didn't really pan out for Fandango with the rub he got because as we know, his career far from hit the stratosphere. However, the good thing now is that he is in a very entertaining team with Tyler Breeze. Breezango has gotten over quite well with the Fashion Files. But the truth is, prior to that, Fandango really wasn't doing anything.

The heart of the matter

Chris Jericho revealed in his book that it was none other than Ryback who he was aiming to face at WrestleMania 29(H/T credits: WrestlingInc):

For whatever reason, things didn't go the way I had planned. Ryback lost to Punk and didn't win the world championship. But he was still over in a big way, and I thought a great way to build him back would be to work with me. When I pitched the story to the creative team for me to come back for a six-month run through Mania ending at SummerSlam, my two tent-pole ideas were a surprise return at the Rumble and a Mania match with Ryback.

He went on to talk about his conversation with Vince McMahon regarding his WrestleMania 29

"Well, I know we talked about you and Ryback," says Vince. "I want to go in a different direction. I have another idea for you."I waited in silence for him to continue. The pause was intentionally uncomfortable and Vince continued in a serious tone.
"We have this new kid called Fandango..."

One would wonder what WWE's plans were with Fandango if they gave him a featured singles match on the main card of WrestleMania against a legend like Jericho.


What's next?

Jericho will continue on his time away from WWE while Fandango looks to make the most out of his team with Breezango. Will another Tag team title shot be around the corner?

Author's take

Ryback would undoubtedly have been a more interesting opponent at WrestleMania 29 than Fandango. People might forget, but this was a period where Ryback was hot and many argue that he should have won the WWE Championship from CM Punk at Hell In A Cell 2012.

Instead, Ryback faced Mark Henry, lost, feuded with John Cena for the WWE title the next couple of PPVs and lost, thus killing his momentum. Ryback is undoubtedly one of WWE's missed opportunities that we'll never really know about.

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