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WWE News: Chris Jericho reveals surprising reason why WWE congratulated AEW

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:40 IST

Chris Jericho and Triple H
Chris Jericho and Triple H

WWE congratulating AEW

AEW and WWE's NXT went head-to-head this past week as AEW's new show, All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite, debuted on Wednesday night, while NXT were on USA Today on the same night.

AEW defeated NXT in the ratings with 1.4 million viewers in two hours, while NXT's viewership was 891,000 viewers over two hours.

WWE congratulated AEW, saying that the fans were the "real winners", and that the competition between the two firms is a "marathon" and not a "sprint".

Jericho reveals why WWE congratulated AEW

In an interview with Complex Sports, Chris Jericho spoke about WWE congratulating AEW after Dynamite beat NXT in the ratings, and the reason why Vince McMahon's company did so.

“Because they’re embarrassed. I know how they work. And the fact is, I haven’t seen the actual rating but I’m assuming they know how it is, and I think we probably kicked their ass. They started this. Everything that they’ve done has been a reactionary move to us. We’re not in a war with anybody besides ourselves.
"I don’t care if you resurrect John and George and it’s the reunion of the Beatles at the Super Bowl or whatever. All that matters is our show. You can put anything up against us, and we can’t compete with that. We can compete with what we’re doing." (H/T 411Mania)

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Jericho stated that WWE were the ones who started the "war" between AEW and NXT, and that it is not a war for AEW.

What's next for AEW and WWE?

AEW will return next Wednesday for All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite against NXT once again. WWE, though, will air SmackDown on FOX for the first time this week, on Friday, followed by Hell in a Cell, which will take place on Sunday.


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Published 04 Oct 2019, 11:30 IST
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