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WWE News: Company issues statement on Becky Lynch's first anniversary as 'The Man'

Johny Payne
19 Oct 2019, 01:55 IST

Becky Lynch remains as active as ever in the social media realm
Becky Lynch remains as active as ever in the social media realm

WWE has issued a statement on Becky Lynch's first anniversary as 'The Man.' Additionally, Becky Lynch has also taken to her official social media account to address the one year anniversary of one of the most successful pro wrestling gimmicks in recent years.

Lynch recalled taking on the moniker of 'The Man,' which commenced one of the greatest 12-month ascents in WWE history.

Becky Lynch went from being lost in the mid-card, to the most notorious megastar in pro wrestling today.

It was October 2018 and Becky Lynch was in the midst of a heated rivalry with long-time frenemy Charlotte Flair. Flair is the daughter of legendary two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, who was also once know as 'The Man.'

Lynch subsequently went on to claim Ric Flair's moniker for herself. She then began promoting herself as 'The Man' on social media, as well as on WWE’s on-screen TV programming.

'The Irish Lass Kicker' transformed into 'The Man,' and went on to break records and make history – defeating Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to become the unified RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion at WrestleMania 35.

Becky Lynch’s first “MANniversary” has been recognized by the WWE.

Although Lynch would eventually go on to drop the SmackDown Women’s Title, she has ruled the RAW Women’s Division with an iron fist, successfully defeating all challengers, and retaining the Red brand’s title each and every time.

Considering that Lynch’s highly successful gimmick as 'The Man' started in October of last year, the WWE Superstar put forth the following Twitter statement addressing its first anniversary,

“One year ago today I said the words, “I am The Man” and it started the greatest 12 month ascent in WWE history. I was trying to turn on you, but you wouldn’t let me. You were all right. Thank you.”

Furthermore, WWE sent out a tweet praising Lynch for her act as 'The Man.' The tweet reads as follows,

“When "The Man" comes around, she stays around. Happy MANniversary, @BeckyLynchWWE!”

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