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WWE News: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella reveal intimate details and more on Total Bellas

17.64K   //    15 Oct 2016, 13:59 IST
Total Bellas revolves around the lives of the Bellas Twins and the men in their lives

The last episode of Total Bellas dropped some bombshells when Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella revealed some intimate details about their married life.

On the episode, Nikki Bella was in the middle of a conversation with Bryan and Brie, when she asked the couple about their sex life while having lunch with the two. After she was informed by the couple that they had not been intimate for close to a month, the graceful couple that they are, Brie and Bryan told Nikki about their "slow but good" process. 

“I like music, I like candles, I like to relax," Bryan reveals. "I don't want to just like…go."

No sooner did the trio finish their discussion, than Brie and Bryan walked into the bathroom. It was later revealed that the two ended up having a ‘quickie’ in the bathroom.

As the episode moves on, Brie reveals that she wanted to learn to drive a stick shift car. She approaches John Cena regarding the matter and recruits him to teach her. Brie, being the quick learner that she is, masters the process pretty quickly.

However, when Bryan realised that Brie had learned how to drive a stick-shift from John, He was not pleased. He was annoyed because he wanted to teach her and she approached Cena without consulting her. So to get back at Brie, Bryan decides to get swimming lessons from JJ's sister-in-law Lexie as Brie watches uncomfortably.

Brie later tries to set the mood for her and Bryan after the uncomfortable incidents at the pool. She re-organizes the room and starts talking about the candles she wants to light by the bed.

Brie then demonstrates how she is going to light a lava rock to set the mood. Nikki responds to the elaborate arrangement by asking her sister why, to which Brie replies:

“So…because…when…Bryan and I like to light candles”

The episode also reveals the fact that John Cena had Nikki sign a 75-page contract before she could move in with him.

The issue began when John Laurinaitis states that he approached a lawyer for a prenup, which he wanted the Bellas’ mother Kathy to sign. Laurinaitis also acknowledges the fact that this issue will upset Kathy.

Furthermore, he tells JJ he knows that his mother is against that from an emotional standpoint. Cena replied with a humorous metaphor, saying that getting a prenup is like a buying a handgun – you don’t ever want to use it but you feel safer with it.

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