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WWE News: Daniel Bryan and The Miz face each other backstage after Survivor Series

5.99K   //    20 Nov 2017, 12:40 IST

Daniel Bryan and The Miz have been engaged involved in a long-running feud
Daniel Bryan and The Miz are engaged involved in a long-running feud

What's the story?

The Miz lost his match on behalf of Raw against SmackDown Live's United States Champion, Baron Corbin. He was accompanying his wife Maryse, as the pair were walking backstage following the loss.

It was at this time that Miz came face to face with his long-time rival, Daniel Bryan.

In case you didn't know...

The Miz and Daniel Bryan are involved in one of the longest-running feuds in WWE programming. The two are unable to meet in the ring due to Daniel Bryan not being cleared to compete.

The feud started when The Miz cut a shoot promo on Talking Smack, about how Miz was still able to compete due to his wrestling style while Bryan was on the shelf. The promo helped Miz to get a big push, which saw him become one of the top stars in WWE. All this while, he continued his feud with Daniel Bryan and stole the SmackDown Live General Manager's 'Yes' kicks, calling them the 'It' kicks instead.

Every interaction between the two has received a tremendous response from the fans.

The heart of the matter

The Miz was walking backstage with Maryse following his defeat against Baron Corbin when he was interrupted by an interviewer. The Miz lashed out at him for disturbing them when he was trying to apologise to Maryse for losing. 

Maryse was reassuring him that there was no reason to apologise to her, just when Daniel Bryan walked into the scene. 

He paused for a short while next to The Miz, with a grin on his face, and then continued down the corridor.


The Miz let his feelings be known, saying:

"This night can't get any worse."

The interaction with his rival infuriated The Miz, and he let out his frustration with a scream as Maryse tried to calm him down. 

What's next?

Unfortunately, The Miz and Daniel Bryan are on separate brands, and won't interact anytime soon. If Bryan ever does return to wrestling though, there is a hot feud waiting for him with The Miz.

Author's take

The Miz and Bryan have amazing chemistry together. The interaction was hilarious because of the trollish grin on Bryan's face and the obvious frustration that overwhelmed The Miz. As if losing to Corbin was not bad enough he was now laughed at by his rival.

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