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WWE News: Daniel Bryan deletes Kurt Angle Tweet

Elliott Binks
5.53K   //    21 Aug 2017, 16:53 IST

Could Daniel Bryan lace up his wrestling boots once again?

What’s the story?

Last night during SummerSlam, SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan tweeted an interesting hashtag, only to then delete the post shortly thereafter.

As reported by WrestlingInc, Bryan re-tweeted a video segment from the SummerSlam show featuring him and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, with the noticeable addition of “#BryanvsAngle”.

In case you didn’t know…

General Managers Bryan and Angle shared some friendly back-and-forth during a backstage segment at SummerSlam, where they bantered about which brand would steal the show.

Angle started a “yes!” chant, to which Bryan responded with the “no!” spiel, and though all of that sounds innocuous enough, the tease of Bryan’s hashtag—and its subsequent deletion—suggests there could be more to the story here.

The heart of the matter

When a WWE guy deletes a Tweet, it suggests one of two situations. Either the tweeter in question had a change of heart and realised they could get themselves in trouble, or company management might've had a word and insisted the post be removed.

More often than not, we would assume the former to be the case, but remember: this is Daniel Bryan. The same Daniel Bryan who was unreservedly unafraid to say exactly how he felt when appearing on Talking Smack, and the same Daniel Bryan who’ll happily tease a return to Ring of Honor for a potential meeting with Cody Rhodes.

Based on that, it seems unlikely he’d feel remorse over a throwaway hashtag, so perhaps the company’s trying to keep something under wraps here. Then again, perhaps we're just being worked.

What's next?

With neither Bryan or Angle medically cleared to return to a WWE ring, any tease of a potential showdown feels a little premature.

Should either of them get clearance from a WWE-approved doctor, maybe then we can start reading into these hashtags seriously.

Author’s take

There’s no denying that Bryan vs Angle would be an absolute dream match—the only question is whether both men can get healthy enough to make the match a reality.

Both have been more than vocal about wanting to return to action in recent weeks, so there’s always the possibility this is indeed laying the groundwork for some kind of programme further down the line.

On the other hand, it could just be Bryan’s attempt to force Vince McMahon’s hand and clear him for a return to in-ring action.

Providing there’s minimal risk involved, here’s hoping it’s the former.

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