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WWE Rumours: Dean Ambrose expected to take time off from WWE after No Mercy

'The Lunatic Fringe' taking time off of WWE television.

Dean Ambrose’s title reign came to an abrupt end when he lost to AJ Styles at WWE Backlash

For the better part of two years, Dean Ambrose has been a constant presence in WWE programming. While his SHIELD brethren Seth Rollins was out with a knee injury and Roman was suspended, Dean was battling it out with anyone that was willing to get into the ring with him.

Dean Ambrose, however, may take some time off WWE television and the hectic schedule that comes with it. Dean has been one of the most consistent workhorses in the WWE roster and hasn’t taken much time off from WWE.

It is evident that Cena is scheduled to go on a hiatus from WWE later this year, when he will be filming the second season of American Grit. But Cena has been off and on for some time now and it might be interesting to see how Ambrose’s absence affects the proceedings on the blue brand, especially when he has been the top babyface for the company for so long. 

‘The Lunatic Fringe’ is reported to be busy with WWE studios for a movie that will begin filming in November. The shooting for the movie might go on into the new year. This could mean that Ambrose won’t take to the ring for the blue brand till the Royal Rumble. However, there hasn’t been a word yet on how WWE will write Ambrose off of WWE television. It is safe to assume that the seeds for this angle will be sown soon.

Many might believe that Ambrose’s title run has been uneventful and lackluster. Some even reported that Ambrose may be facing backstage heat after his controversial appearance at the WWE Network show “Stone Cold Podcast”. Although there may be some truth to these claims, it may just be that AJ Styles was high on momentum after his clean win over John Cena at SummerSlam and he was in greater need of the WWE World Championship.

Perhaps Dean might actually need a break. We all know that the WWE schedule is a hectic one with appearances for either RAW and SmackDown, sometimes even both and then a number of house shows and live events. Shooting for a movie might be just the thing Dean needs right now. And then, when he returns after a few months, he will have shook the cobwebs and returned to his lunatic ways.

With Ambrose and Cena both set to take a break, it is certain that AJ Styles will walk out of No Mercy as the WWE World Champion. AJ might be carrying the company for the foreseeable future. But with both Cena and Ambrose gone, there won’t be too many babyfaces to feud with Styles. Of course, Randy Orton and a few others may be viable options, but this also paves the way for a new NXT call up. Maybe Samoa Joe?

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