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WWE News: Drew McIntyre reveals why the NXT roster is better than the main roster

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Drew McIntyre

What's the story?

Drew McIntyre recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling during the WWE European tour, which concluded this past weekend. He talked about how he finds the atmosphere in the locker room now and compares it to the locker room of his previous stint with the WWE.

McIntyre touches upon the subject of Superstars becoming lax and not having a fire in their eyes anymore.

In case you didn't know...

Drew McIntyre had returned to WWE as part of NXT in April 2017 after he was released by the WWE in 2014.

During his time away from the WWE, Drew went by the name of Drew Galloway and performed for promotions such as Impact Wrestling, ICW and Evolve among others.

He won the NXT Championship during his stint with the yellow brand but suffered a torn bicep after the end of his NXT Takeover: Wargames match with Andrade Almas in November 2017 where he lost the NXT Championship as well. McIntyre had been out of action ever since his injury.

The former IC Champion made his return to the main roster on RAW as part of a tag team with Dolph Ziggler on the 16th April 2018 episode.

The heart of the matter

Here is an excerpt of what McIntyre said: (c/r:

As I was hurt, I had time to sit back and watch the show, and was able to watch more wrestling than I have in a long time because I have been so busy in general. I was really sitting back and watching WWE Raw and studying it, and I noticed basically that it wasn't necessarily all killer. They have some great athletes, obviously, but they don't necessarily... they don't look like they should be there. I went backstage in one of their shows, and I said this in another interview on, and I noticed that the atmosphere was a bit different than when I was first here. There wasn't any tension in the air. There was a lack of that competitive spirit backstage with each other.

He also spoke about how the current Superstars lack a fire in their eyes whereas NXT has the edge in this case:

 I know down in NXT there is about 100 people with that fire in their eyes who are willing to take that spot from them in that second, so I am here to start eradicating the people that don't want to be here, and to set an example for everybody and bring back the way things used to be.

What's next?

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler are not currently involved in any program so it will be interesting to see who they feud with in the coming weeks.

Author's take

Drew has really changed his look and character ever since he made his return to WWE. With his current attitude and the look of a Champion, the day is not far when he will be holding a Championship on the main roster.

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