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WWE News : Edge reveals that his final storyline was supposed to involve Christian

The former World Champion says that he thought Christian would be involved in his final feud.

Edge was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2012

When Edge was forced to retire from in-ring action following WrestleMania 27, he still had one year left on his WWE Contract. That's why many fans still wonder how his last year in the company would have panned out if his injury would not have forced the former World Champion to retire early.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the Rated R Superstar spoke about what WWE had planned, for what would have been his final year in the company.

Edge explained that the final storyline he was supposed to be involved in, following his feud with Alberto Del Rio, was with his on-screen brother and off-screen best friend, Christian:

“We did have a tentative plan to go forward once [Alberto] Del Rio and I were through our program. Christian would have cost me the title to Del Rio, and then we would have moved on and done our thing"

Continuing on the topic, Edge revealed how this feud would have led to his retirement match at WrestleMania, while also helping Christian to go forward as a strong heel:

"I thought he would retire me at WrestleMania That’s how I wanted to go out. I wanted to do the favor, drop the title, and then have Christian be the cause – then spend the final few months of my career wrestling my lifelong best friend, and really have him go off in a great heel direction once I retired "

Edge was on a high note when he defeated Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 27 to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, following the event, he learned that his body could not take it anymore and he would have to retire from in-ring competition immediately.

During the April 11th episode of Raw following WrestleMania 27, he gave what is remembered to be one of the most emotional retirement speeches in the modern era of WWE. He explained that the doctors would not clear him to compete on the basis of an MRI report, because of the risk of neck-down paralysis. You can watch his retirement speech below:

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