WWE News: Edge reveals the exact moment that caused his career-ending neck injury

Edge played an important role as a top champion in the WWE during the PG era
Edge played an important role as a top champion in the WWE during the PG era

What’s the story?

In a recent interview for WWE’s Beyond The Ring series, Edge revealed the exact moment which started a neck injury that would eventually come back to haunt him, effectively ending his in-ring wrestling career.

On that note, Edge elucidated that he took a significant bump during his match against Eddie Guerrero on an episode of SmackDown that aired on the 26th of September, 2002.

Edge explained that he experienced a tingling sensation and heard a crack—a sound which he initially thought to be that of a ladder. He then received a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the ladder which further exacerbated his neck injury.

In case you didn’t know…

Edge is a WWE Hall of Famer and widely regarded as one of the promotion’s top Superstars during the late 2000s.

He retired from the sport after being diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis; his final match was at Wrestlemania XXVII against Alberto Del Rio.

The heart of the matter

Edge completed the ladder match against Eddie Guerrero and spoke about how he gradually started experiencing numbness in his neck and arm, but still kept competing in the ring. However, he only sought medical assistance after he started losing considerable amounts of strength in his arms.

Additionally, the Rated-R Superstar pointed out how he eventually had neck surgery and was out of action for a year, following which he’d have a long run as a top performer in the WWE.

Furthermore, one of the key points highlighted was the fact that his neck injury worsened over the years and eventually led to him suffering cervical spinal stenosis, with the extent of his condition being so severe that a hard fall/bump could lead to neck-down paralysis or death.

What’s next?

Edge presently serves as a WWE ambassador and is retired from in-ring professional wrestling competition.

Author’s take

Although pro-wrestling is oft shunned as nothing more than scripted acrobatics with drama, the dangers of this sport are in fact very real. The injuries suffered by Superstars such as Edge indicate that more protective measures need to be put in place for professional wrestling to have a brighter future.

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