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WWE News: Edge talks about a possible return by Ronda Rousey, working with Lana and more

The Rated R-Superstar talked about Ronda Rousey, injuries affecting careers and Lana among other things

WWE superstar Edge was forced to retire from active competition in 2011

Brian Mazique of Forbes recently caught up with former WWE superstar and Hall of Famer Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland in an interview. During the conversation, Edge spoke on some issues such as Ronda Rousey returning to WWE, Bookaboo, his acting career, retiring from the WWE and much more.

When asked about the likes of Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Ken Shamrock and Alberto Del Rio – who have been involved with both professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, Edge said that the sports entertainment business was closely linked and that moving from one branch to another would not make much of a difference. Speaking on a possible return of Ronda Rousey into the WWE ring, Edge was quite ambiguous and said: 

“I think they’re different branches on the same tree. But I think the same about football or any other athlete switching industries. I don’t think it hurts or helps for people to hop back and forth. Whatever blows your hair back. It’s a wash.”

Edge also talked about the fate of others in the industry such as Daniel Bryan and Corey Graves, who were also forced to retire due to a history of concussions. The Rated R Superstar pointed out that both Bryan and Graves were smart men and knew how to keep going in the business without actually having to step into the ring.

He felt that it was important for the superstars to realise that they work on borrowed time and performing in the ring is an act that can’t go on forever. Edge was quoted as saying:

“A healthy perspective is to understand that life doesn’t, and can’t revolve around the industry.”

Edge also spoke about his involvement with an Amazon video series initiative Bookaboo. The series aims at encouraging adults to read with their children. Edge reported that in a 2013 poll, it was discovered that only one in three parents read to their children below eight years of age. He has made it his personal agenda to improve that stat, and according to him, Bookaboo is a foot in the right direction.

Edge also shed light on his experience on working with Lana for their movie Interrogation. He pointed out that the film was shot in just 11 days and applauded Lana for her grit and hard work to be able to complete shooting all her scenes in just five days and head back on the road again.

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