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WWE News: Elias talks about his claim of a final musical performance

142   //    04 Sep 2019, 09:45 IST

How long will we all walk with Elias?
How long will we all walk with Elias?

A big part of Elias' gimmick is his performance pieces in the middle of the ring. They are often used to break up segments while also giving the performer something to do when he doesn't have a match.

Another thing his performances are used for is to give anyone from current Superstars to legends an excuse to interrupt his songs. While speaking with CBSSports, the Drifter addressed his past claims of giving a final performance. He claimed that you never know when an ending is coming and that performers have to evolve. carried transcripts of his interview.

Who will be next?

All sorts of Superstars have used Elias' time in the ring to attack the Drifter. From John Cena at WrestleMania 35 to the Undertaker to Edge at SummerSlam, many wrestlers have taken it upon themselves to shut Elias up.

Because it is a main part of his gimmick, there may come a time when Elias stops coming to the ring with his guitar in order to serenade a particular city or put down an opponent. He spoke with CBSSports about a recent claim that he'd be having a final performance earlier this Summer. If was, of course, interrupted.

“Well, you can never say never. But listen, there comes a time in every wrestler’s career, if you really want to take those next steps, you’re going to have to evolve. You can’t constantly be doing the same thing. While I really do enjoy performing in the ring and all that, there’s going to come a time where I can’t be doing that every single week. Now, as far as that being my farewell performance, I don’t know if I want to say that is my last one, because it was ruined. R-Truth went at me, he messed up all the audio, he messed with my guitar. He tried to win the 24/7 Championship. Is that my farewell? I have to say no. But would there come a time where I have to do that? Quite possibly.”

Drifting Away?

If Elias does stop the performance part of his gimmick, it will be a big change. WWE uses that as a way to bring back legends or start feuds for Elias. It is true that wrestlers and performers need to evolve, but he's not exactly one who has been doing the same thing for 15 years.

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