WWE News: Bret Hart aims a dig at Eric Bischoff

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Bret Hart worked for Eric Bischoff in WCW
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What’s the story?

Wrestling legend Bret Hart has given a scathing assessment of the way Eric Bischoff dealt with talent during his time in WCW.

Speaking on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Hart gave examples of Bischoff’s mismanagement and described him as “the worst loser maggot that ever got into wrestling”.

In case you didn’t know…

“The Hitman” spent three years in WCW between 1997 and 2000, during which time Bischoff was Executive Vice President of the company.

The two were involved in a war of words earlier this year when Hart claimed his former boss rejected the chance to use Mike Tyson on WCW programming before the boxer’s appearances in WWE.

Bischoff dismissed the claim as “absolute nonsense” and advised Bret to undergo a dementia check. He has also previously said of Hart that, compared to his WWE days, he was “like a broken toy” when he switched to WCW.

The heart of the matter

Despite ending his wrestling career on a bad note, Bret has since regained his enthusiasm for the product and has made cameo appearances for WWE in recent years.

Asked about his disappointing time in WCW, Hart accused Bischoff of destroying his last few years as a wrestler and said his former boss “was too stupid to know what a career was”.

“If you had passion for your matches or genius for wrestling talent, it didn’t mean anything to Eric Bischoff. He was the worst loser maggot that ever got into wrestling.”

In response to Bischoff’s remarks that Hart was like a "broken toy" in WCW, "The Hitman" insisted he was just as passionate about wrestling when he joined the company as he was during his time in WWE.

“I could strangle him when I hear him say that, because that is so not true. I was so on fire. I wanted to take the world on.
“He was such an idiot. I would say all that right to him if he were sat next to you.”

What’s next?

There’s a small chance these two will meet again in the near future.

Speaking on WWE Network show Legends With JBL in 2016, Bischoff did not rule out reappearing in WWE in an on-screen role if the right opportunity arose, while Hart has mentioned how he would be willing to work on a part-time basis for WWE in a backstage role.

Also, don’t be too surprised if Eric has something to say about this on the next episode of his Bischoff on Wrestling podcast.

Author’s take

People involved in the wrestling business have disagreements all the time and eventually makeup. Look at Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan; Vince McMahon and Ultimate Warrior; Shawn Michaels and Bret; even Michaels and Triple H at one stage!

But if I had to put my money on one wrestling rivalry that will never be settled, it’s this one. Expect tweets from Bischoff and tales from Bret in the not-so-distant future.

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