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WWE News: Former WWE Trainer Bill DeMott on whether Seth Rollins is an unsafe worker or not

Rohit Nath
3.05K   //    08 Oct 2016, 00:00 IST
What does DeMott have to say about The Architect

Seth Rollins working style has been the subject of heavy criticism by WWE Hall Of Famer and Seven-Time World Champion Bret The Hitman Hart ever since his match with John Cena on RAWwhere Rollins kneed Cena on the nose and ended up breaking it.

His buckle bomb on Sting that ended his career only added more so to the argument, and then buckle bombing Finn Balor at their Summerslam match this year sealed it for Hart. In fact, Bret’s elder brother Smith Hart even called Rollins a “danger to the business” after a student of Seth Rollins’ wrestling school had passed away recently. 

Bill DeMott is a disgraced former WWE Head Trainer who was accused by multiple people of abuse and harassment. His working style is allegedly reckless as well, but nevertheless, DeMott had the following to say about The Architect’ s criticized style of working:

“I would not even try to compare my knowledge to Bret Hart nor would I question his thinking, that being said I do not think it is anything more than coincidence that all this happened around Seth. Rollins is one of the best there is and I would put my career in his hands any day. Things happen people get hurt and someone has to get “blamed” unfortunately it doesn’t always end in favor of both participants but I would bet anything ALL of this men would get back in the ring with Seth and he is a professional as they get. He is the future of the business.”

While many would definitely agree with the former WWE Head Trainer, many would probably go against it. However, there is no doubt that Rollins is still one of the most valuable assets to the company. Bill DeMott said that he would return to WWE without a second thought if that were the option.

However, that clearly hasn’t, and Matt Bloom (aka A-Train, Albert, Tensai) has taken his place and has also been getting a lot of praise from the NXT talents. Former Universal Champion Finn Balor credited Bloom for his success and also for helping shape NXT to what it has become today.

Bloom works with Sara Del Rey, Robbie Brookside, Joey Mercury, Norman Smiley and Seth Petruzelli at the Performance Centre. Shawn Michaels is rumored to be joining the Performance Center in a full-time role, but that is not confirmed yet. WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall has expressed his desire to work at The Performance Center as well.

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