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WWE News: Further update on Alberto Del Rio's backstage fight

Rafy maintains that he never touched Paige.

Mexico’s Greatest Export got into a major backstage fight earlier this week

Earlier this week, Alberto Del Rio got into a fight with a local luchador by the name of Tortuga Rafy (Rafael from the Ninja Turtles) and beat his face bloody, which led to him going to the hospital with severe bruises. The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter gave an update on the entire scenario.

The Observer reported Rafy’s side of the story, one that was not heard of except for one Facebook status. Rafy stated that he had not touched Paige and that Paige even told Del Rio he did not touch her. He claimed that it was all settled, and people were just blowing it out of proportion.

He stated that he only said Paige was beautiful, and that he did get a beating and the worse end of it at that. He said that Del Rio was pulled off of him and that he apologised after the incident was over and that it was all settled.

The CEO of Combates Americas, Campbell McLaren defended Del Rio on twitter:

He went on to defend the President of Combates Americas in a series of tweets, one of them being this:

A longtime arena regular of the Naucalpan Arena, where the incident took place named AK-47, made multiple Facebook posts and even threatened legal action against Del Rio. He vowed that Del Rio would pay if he ever appeared in that arena again.

Apparently, a lot of the local wrestlers were outraged at the incident and had to be talked out of going after Del Rio right then and there. There were even wrestlers not present, who had been contacted about the incident, and by the time they made their way to the venue, Del Rio, Paige, and even Rafy were all gone. 

Rafy had been taken to the hospital, and was severely bruised on the face, but was in stable condition. The fight was said to be very one-sided, with Del Rio taking constant shots to Rafy’s face. A day after the incident, Del Rio had tweeted the following:

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