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WWE News: Goldberg on his WWE return, relationship with Vince McMahon, and preparation for Brock Lesnar

Rohit Nath
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Bill Goldberg is going all out training to face The Beast Incarnate

Goldberg made a triumphant return to WWE two weeks ago, in front of a red-hot Denver crowd, who received the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion with a hero’s welcome.

The promo could not have gone any better, and it was clear from the WCW Legend’s face, just how overwhelmed he was by the whole experience. He was recently on WWE Hall Of Famer, Booker T’s podcast, Heated Conversations With Booker T, where he spoke about a lot of things, among which are the following:

On his 12-year absence from the WWE:

A twelve year layoff for any athlete is a mental struggle, but not only that it’s also a physical struggle, but I have more selfish reasons to coming back, than just how I look in the ring 12 years out of it, so I was able to get my wife and son of a taste of what I used to do, so for me that is a pretty special thing.”

On his relationship with the chairman, Vince McMahon:

“I’ve had some issues with Vince, everybody has, but after I went through Gorilla and delivered the promo that I didn’t think I had left in me to do, with the help of a lot of people, I gave him an embrace that I never thought I would be giving. It was one of appreciation that he gave me the opportunity to be that guy.”

On his preparation to face Brock Lesnar:

I have been training with the biggest, baddest men on the planet. I’m not messing around. I’m doing a lot of cross-training and footwork, a lot of boxing work. I haven’t been in the ring in a while, so out of those 12 years it’s very important to reacquaint yourself with, but I’m going into one match.

Goldberg said that he knew what he was getting himself into. He said, “The reality is I will be taking some suplexes during this thing, and it is what it is. I may be old, but I know what I am getting myself into. It’s not like I am not training three times a day, three days a week, and twice a day the other days. I am eating 15,000 calories a day; I am trying to gain weight, but you know, I’m Goldberg, I have a standard I have to uphold myself to.” 

As of now, Goldberg’s return is set to be a one-off.

However, there have been rumours that WWE may try to get him back for more, depending on the reactions for him and how well the Lesnar-Goldberg match is received.

The whole return came about when Paul Heyman issued a challenge to Goldberg on Brock Lesnar’s behalf, which prompted Goldberg to come to Raw and accept his challenge.

Goldberg is set to appear on Raw tomorrow night, perhaps to respond to the happenings of last week. Last week’s Raw took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which happens to be Brock Lesnar’s hometown.

It was apparently expected that Paul Heyman’s promo would make the crowd chant for Goldberg, but the Minneapolis crowd cheered their hometown hero Lesnar and even gave chants of “Goldberg sucks”, which reportedly blew a gasket in Vince McMahon.

Nevertheless, Goldberg should get a good reception in Hartford, Connecticut, where Raw is taking place tomorrow night. One of the key points of the Goldberg-Lesnar feud is also to promote WWE 2K17.  

Here is the segment from last week that reportedly “blew Vince’s gasket.”

Meanwhile, here is Goldberg’s promo from the week before that, in case you missed it

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