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TNA/WWE News: Is Alberto Del Rio joining TNA?

Arkadeep Deb
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Another major acquisition for TNA?

If you’re not fluent in Spanish but wrestling a dude who keeps calling you ‘Perro’ after every clothesline and knee jab, you are probably going to have a bad time. Alberto Del Rio was one Mexican import for the roster who was a jack of all trades. And then the company blew their chances with him, not once but twice.

The first time around, it was a more amicable departure of sorts, with the details getting hazy and dusty and finally distilling down to lack of prospects for Del Rio, leading to him not renewing his contract with WWE. This time around, we can all sit and describe, time after time as to what led to Del Rio leaving WWE, again.

Del Rio was spotted at Orlando where the TNA event ‘Bound For Glory’ was held. This would quell the speculations as to where does the tough as nails, sleek-haired Mexican may land after his bitter tryst with WWE ends.

Del Rio made a huge comeback to WWE amidst fan speculation and raucous cheers of acceptance as a massive heel when he was put over clean by John Cena, last year after the latter relinquished the WWE United States title to Del Rio in short but sweet match-up.

However, Del Rio was in a rut in the mid-card ever since, facing off against Kalisto in a poorly advanced, three-match face off. Make no mistake, Kalisto did enough justice to the storyline, but the writers themselves were left scratching their heads after putting every storyline involving Del Rio to a promising start and then losing the thread half way.

The same can be applied to the ‘League of Nations’ storyline where Del Rio formed a stable with Rusev, Sheamus, and Barrett. The League of Nations were in favor initially as a stable as the constituents were formidable individuals in their own right, except for King Barrett maybe, whose character was watered down despite winning the ‘King of the Ring’ last year.

Del Rio was also heard complaining about the well-known shtick called the WWE wellness policy and was suspend for violating the same. The fact that Del Rio and his beau, Paige, had landed in different rosters after the brand split did not make things easy for him.

If Del Rio were to join TNA, he would certainly add some much-needed flavor to the nearly empty barrel that Dixie Carter calls a roster. 

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