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WWE News: Jeff Jarrett on wanting to sign Daniel Bryan to TNA, why fans love Bryan

Johny Payne
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Jeff Jarrett explains why Daniel Bryan is over with the fans
Jeff Jarrett explains why Daniel Bryan is incredibly over with the fans

What’s the story?

Speaking to Raj Giri of WrestlingInc, Jeff Jarrett opened up on a myriad of topics.

Jarrett asserted his happiness at Daniel Bryan getting medically cleared for an in-ring return by WWE. Besides, Jarrett weighed in on Bryan’s popularity, while also recalling wanting to sign Bryan to TNA.

In case you didn’t know…

Jeff Jarrett founded TNA (now—Impact Wrestling) in the early-2000s and served as a performer and executive for the promotion for a significant amount of time.

Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan began competing on the independent professional wrestling circuit in 1999, before working as an enhancement talent in the WWE during the early-2000s. Bryan then returned to the indie circuit, primarily performing for ROH, before returning to WWE in 2009. 

The heart of the matter

Jeff Jarrett elucidated that the essence of this business is to establish an emotional connection with the fans. He added that while Daniel Bryan has great in-ring skills, there are several other performers who can execute the same moves.

However, what Bryan possesses is a gift of being able to blend his mat work with his persona and character presentation, which allows him to click with the fans in a profound manner.

Additionally, Jarrett explained that while a scripted comeback story in pro-wrestling is great, in and of itself, the reality of Bryan’s comeback story is what makes it even more significant on the grander scale of things.

Jarrett continued that he looks forward to Bryan’s comeback match at WrestleMania 34, and if the latter’s story doesn’t resonate with someone, they’re probably brain-dead.

Furthermore, Jarrett pointed out that no one could possibly have imagined that someone like Bryan—who’s not the biggest, tallest, smartest, fastest—would become such as huge star in the business. Recalling how he looked to sign Bryan to TNA back in the day, Double-J stated:

“Sure…There's Cesaro, [too], I don't want to call them Ring Of Honor guys, but the guys that were not working currently at TNA that were out on the scene, you have to look at guys like that. In the year 2018, when you think of a babyface, immediately [Bryan's] name comes to mind...There's different guys in different generations where you think, 'That is a classic babyface or a classic heel.' When you look at today's generation, he is that guy…He's very likable, he comes across that way on camera.”

What’s next?

Jeff Jarrett is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next month.

Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan is expected to compete in a marquee matchup at WrestleMania 34 which takes place on 8 April.

Author’s take

It’s tough to disagree with Jeff Jarrett, given how hard-hitting, and real Daniel Bryan’s comeback story is.

It’s great to see Bryan signed with the WWE rather than TNA and went on to achieve tremendous things in his career, including the moment he was immortalized in his main event victory at WrestleMania 30.

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