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WWE News: John Cena vs Dean Ambrose, Intercontinental Title match announced for SmackDown

WWE has given the fans two big reasons to tune into this week's SmackDown

This week’s SmackDown is stacked!

The red army pulled up their socks this week with a Steel Cage match to end the go-home edition of RAW for Clash Of Champions. Their counterparts in blue are now left with the task of outdoing them and if the latest announcement is any indication, they’ve taken the step in the right direction.

Tomorrow’s SmackDown will be held in Birmingham, Alabama with two main event worthy matches set to feature on the card. WWE announced that John Cena would go up against fellow challenger to the WWE Championship at No Mercy, Dean Ambrose, in the main event. 

SmackDown would also have a rematch from Backlash as The Miz would put the Intercontinental Title on the line against Dolph Ziggler. This match carries a lot of intrigue due to the on-going contract negotiations between The Miz and SmackDown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, adding an extra dimension to the feud.

Last week’s SmackDown ended with Dean Ambrose laying out the face that ran the place, showing shades of turning heel. It was only obvious that the WWE booked the two in a match worthy of being the main event at a PPV. WWE is focussing on the Ambrose-Cena dynamic in the three-way feud with AJ Styles enjoying the fun with the strap fastened around his waist. Styles would, without a shadow of a doubt, be on commentary while the match is on and the inevitable brawl is bound to happen between the three at the end of the night.

Moving on to The Miz vs Ziggler. The Miz’s is currently enjoying a reign that never seems to end, and he’s doing so with solid class with the support of his lovely wife, Maryse. Ever since Miz blurred the lines between kayfabe and reality with his passionate promo on Talking Smack by ripping apart Daniel Bryan, he’s been nothing short of brilliant. Not that he wasn’t prior to it, it’s just that the fans have finally started to take him seriously.

With Bryan and The Miz taking their feud further with a live contract negotiation on Twitter recently that ended with Miz threatening to jump ship to RAW, this week's SmackDown ought to be interesting. How WWE uses Dolph Ziggler in the midst of the Miz-Bryan saga is another talking point as the Show Off may very well end up being a no show.

In any case, WWE would certainly have something up their sleeve for Ziggler, but could it be another Intercontinental title win on SmackDown tomorrow? We’ll have to wait and see!


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