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WWE News: John 'Felix' Cena and 'Woken' Matt Hardy to feud?

Johny Payne
10.78K   //    05 Jan 2018, 02:57 IST

Matt Hardy commends brother John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.
Matt Hardy commends brother John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.

What’s the story?

John Cena has taken to social media so as to post a photograph of Matt Hardy from his Impact Wrestling days.

Apparently, Hardy got wind of the same and reverted back to Cena. Fans can check out the exchange below—

A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on

In case you didn’t know…

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. often posts certain photographs on his social media accounts, without a caption—with said photos generally alluding to an upcoming feud of his in the WWE.

Meanwhile, having portrayed his wildly popular ‘Broken’ gimmick in Impact Wrestling through 2016, Matt Hardy returned to the WWE in April of 2017 as his old-school ‘Team Xtreme’ self with his brother Jeff.

The heart of the matter

Nevertheless, following Jeff’s injury and resultant hiatus, Matt began portraying the aforementioned ‘Broken’ gimmick in WWE, albeit as ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy; currently feuding with Bray Wyatt on RAW.

With John Cena having announced his participation in the Royal Rumble later this month, the vast majority of professional wrestling experts believe that Cena, as always, is likely to be involved in a few prominent feuds in the lead-up to Wrestlemania 34 in April.


In light of the aforementioned speculation, John Cena has now posted ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy’s picture on his official Instagram account. In response to which, Hardy replied in typical Broken/Woken fashion; referring to Cena by his middle name and commending the former WWE Champion for his stouthearted soul.

What’s next?

While John Cena will be participating in the Royal Rumble matchup later this month, his next feud remains unknown, as of this time.

On the other hand, ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy is presently in a rivalry with ‘The Eater Of Worlds’ Bray Wyatt—a feud which is expected to continue in the days to come on RAW.

Author’s take

Matt Hardy and John Cena truly are masters of the subtle art of fight-promotion.

While Matt is now busy with Wyatt, it’d be a lie to say that a potential feud between the former and Cena wouldn’t be intriguing. The promos itself would be gold, as Cena has his back and forth with the tenacious, vociferous and stouthearted connoisseur of Broken Brilliance and Woken Wisdom. Delete! Delete! Delete!  

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