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WWE News: Bruce Prichard talks about the time Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero fought backstage

Angle and Eddie came to blows in a brief backstage confrontation.

Angle and Eddie produced fireworks both in and outside of the ring

What's the story?

The details of Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero's backstage fight from well over a decade ago have been revealed. The story was told by former WWE manager Bruce Prichard on episode 26 of his podcast, ‘Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard’.

In case you didn't know...

Prichard was a part of the WWE family for many years, even playing the role of The Undertaker's first ever manager. Since then he's bounced around the world of professional wrestling which included a stint in TNA. However, his spiritual home within the business will always be with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The heart of the matter

On the podcast, Prichard detailed what happened that night between the two icons.

"It was a short skirmish. And Eddie got upset. Kurt and Eddie had been out in the ring beforehand, and, as I said earlier, man, if Kurt Angle wants to take you and do something with you, he's going to do it. And Eddie was a little pissed off because Kurt wasn't listening to him. They came back and Eddie was pretty upset. [He] attacked Kurt, tried to double-leg Kurt and take him down and Kurt just front facelocked him before they were pulled apart very quickly."

In addition to this, he also revealed the conversation between JBL and Guerrero following the fight.

"'Eddie, he's an Olympic gold medalist. What the f**k were you thinking?' [JBL said] and Eddie just kind of putting his head down, like, 'I know, man. I'm just so stupid!' But that was it, just two guys pretty heated after a match and Eddie trying to double-leg Kurt and Kurt wasn't going anywhere." 

What's next?

Perhaps we'll hear some more old school stories from Prichard over the next few weeks and months, which is always one of the big positives about a veteran wrestling personality having an outlet for telling tales of the past.

Many will likely respond with shock to this news, as Eddie and Kurt were always believed to be good friends behind the scenes which they were, for the most part.

Sportskeeda's take

It's always great to hear stories about Eddie, especially given how much of an influence he had on the business. The idea of JBL responding in shock to Eddie thinking he could take Kurt on is amusing, as are the actual logistics behind the short bout. It makes us wonder how many backstage fights there actually were in the WWE that we don't yet know about.

Either way, the moral of the story for us is this - don't mess with the Olympic Hero.

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