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WWE News: Lita talks about Edge & Matt Hardy situation

What's the truth behind the tale?

News 11 Apr 2017, 22:51 IST
Lita is a fascinating superstar

What's the story?

 Former WWE Women's Champion Lita has spoken out about the situation regarding herself, Matt Hardy and Edge from over a decade ago. Lita, also known as Amy Dumas, discussed the issue on a recent episode of Lilian Garcia: Making Their Way to the Ring.

In case you didn't know...

Lita is often considered to be one of the most influential female wrestlers of recent times, with her alternative style and high flying in-ring work garnering her alot of fans over the years. As such, many members of the WWE Universe have been eager to see the former Team Xtreme member have one more match against a current top level Superstar.

The heart of the matter

In the aforementioned interview, Lita spoke about a range of issues including her relationship with her father in addition and her relationships with Edge and Matt Hardy.

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Lita said that she realised her relationship with Matt Hardy was coming to an end in 2005. She said: 

“We were slightly disconnected while I was at home recuperating because he was still 100% into his career and I was 100% out of it at the moment, because I had to be. And I remember thinking ‘Yeah we’re not gonna be together after our careers are over because that, that is our bond. The way we view life, our interests, they don’t really align you know?”

Lita also said that she and Edge realised that they had feelings for each other after kissing. She said:

“I know both of us were kind of like, ‘Oh sh*t’ you know once we started to realize we were more than just two bros just hanging out. And so the hard thing that has always been with this time period is, you know, we realised we were going down a path that we shouldn’t and what I mean by that is mentally, mentally. We’d kissed finally and freaked out.”

What's next?

The love triangle between these three superstars has always been a hot topic, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Matt and Edge weigh in on the issue in the near future. Of course, it doesn't have much relevance anymore considering only one of them is still competing on a regular basis, but that won't stop fans from listening in.

Author's take

It's been over ten years since the storyline happened and to be honest, it's a bit of a non-issue at this point. Matt and Edge are both happily married with children and Lita has forged a successful legacy for herself within the industry. This might have been an interesting tale five years ago, but everyone has moved on.

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