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WWE News: Matt Hardy sports a new hairdo

17.42K   //    02 Oct 2017, 21:53 IST

Is it time for Matt Hardy to come alive?

What's the story?

Matt Hardy might be evolving very soon. He's teased fans with bringing in a Woken persona before. But this new hairstyle might be the last piece of the puzzle to bring that character to life on WWE television. Hardy recently cut a very short promo with a new hairdo that's getting a lot of buzz online.

In case you didn't know...

Matt Hardy made a huge name for himself in TNA performing with the Broken gimmick long after his Team Xtreme days in WWF. But he hasn't been allowed to carry his Broken persona to WWE due to the fact that Anthem Sports currently has a stranglehold over the intellectual property.

But that didn't seem to stop the House Of Hardy because there were rumors of a Woken Universe emerging through the controversy. Matt Hardy teased his Woken persona in a big way during an online promo last month but so far nothing has been seen of it on WWE television.

The heart of the matter

Matt Hardy has used social media like a sword on many occasions. He was in on the genesis of the concept and used it to get rehired by WWE when he was fired after Edge and Lita's relationship went public. His Angelic Diablo promos were pretty epic and if you don't remember them, they're worth a Google.

Now Hardy is revealing something else via social media and it might indicate big things are on the way. Matt Hardy recently put up a video where he simply says: "Denver, you knew I'd come" and then he laughed like a maniac. Since Raw is in Denver this week it only makes sense.

But what was so special about this video is Matt Hardy's hair. The blonde portion is still there, but he cut his hair much in the same style of his Broken character. The IWC has already jumped on this as a sign something could be happening. Of course, we've thought that before but you never know when WWE could finally pull the trigger on revealing the Woken Universe.

What's next?

Jeff Hardy is out of action due to a shoulder injury and Matt Hardy needs something to do. Jeff did accompany his brother to the ring on last week's Raw so it might be possible he'll recuperate on television in a non-wrestling role. If he took on the name Brother Nero in the meantime it could be even more appealing.

Author's take

Matt Hardy has gone through quite a few transformations through his career. But it's hard to argue this new hairstyle is very recognizable as being similar to his Broken persona.


If they decided to pop on revealing a Woken Matt Hardy in Denver it would certainly give fans in the Mile-High City an experience they won't soon forget. It also might break the internet which is always fun, too.

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