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WWE News: Matt Hardy continues to tease 'Broken' gimmick in WWE

Daniel Wood
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Is Matt Hardy going to 'Delete' Elias?
Is Matt Hardy going to 'Delete' Elias?

What's the story?

Matt Hardy seems to have entered into a feud with Elias, which saw the two men clash on the post-Survivor Series Monday Night RAW. Afterwards, Hardy cut a promo on Elias and mentioned that he is close to reaching his 'breaking point.'

In case you didn't know...

Ever since the Hardy Boys returned to the WWE there has been a whirlwind of turmoil surrounding the pair using the 'Broken' gimmick that they made famous in TNA. However, a battle over legal rights had reduced the tag-team to dropping the odd reference, before eventually teasing a similar 'Woken' gimmick.

The heart of the matter

The 'Woken' gimmick seems to have taken a backseat amidst news that Matt Hardy is close to securing the legal rights to use the 'Broken' gimmick in the WWE, and if this promo filmed after Monday Night RAW is anything to go by, we could be seeing it very soon.

Not only does Matt Hardy talk about reaching his 'breaking point' (after which he'd then be 'Broken' obviously) he also talks about how reckless and foolhardy he could be, although it's doubtful he means hiding in a dilapidated boat from fireworks reckless and foolhardy. Here's the full transcription of the promo

"Last night, he almost separated my shoulder and he's still out there pushing my buttons? Mike Rome, now is not the time to push Matt Hardy. Elias, now is not the time to push Matt Hardy.
If you continue to push me, I am going to reach my breaking point and you're going to see how dangerous, how reckless, how foolhardy Matt Hardy can truly be."

What's next?

Matt's brother and tag-team partner Jeff Hardy is still out recovering from surgery. Hence, Matt has been kind of treading water since then. A transition to 'Broken' Matt Hardy would certainly help him stand out as a singles competitor until his brother's return, where they could either then team-up or restart their magnificent feud that saw them do battle in Matt Hardy's garden.

Author's take

At this point, I'm sure many will be wondering if anyone still cares about the 'Broken' gimmick anymore, but I guarantee the moment Hardy appears with that crazed look in his eye screaming delete at people, the whole thing will get over in a huge way.

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