Matt Hardy provides a positive update on Jeff Hardy following his WWE release

R. Nath
The Hardy family after Jeff Hardy's release
The Hardy family after Jeff Hardy's release

Jeff Hardy has received support from his now-former colleague following his WWE release, including Big E. However, his biggest support system will always be his family, and Matt Hardy has been vocal since the incident happened. The AEW star has now provided a positive update on his brother - one that might please fans.

The release of Jeff Hardy happened not long after the live event incident, where he walked into the crowd, seemingly in a dazed state while security was going behind him.

It led to a lot of questions, mainly from the WWE higher-ups. After Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful revealed that Jeff Hardy refused rehab offered by WWE, it seemed to result in him getting released.

In a positive update from Matt Hardy's stream (via Jon Alba), the AEW star said Jeff Hardy is doing well, and there's no reason to be concerned.

"Happy to hear from @MATTHARDYBRAND's stream that Jeff Hardy is doing well, and there's no reason to be concerned. Says he's not worried about any issues right now. Adds WWE helped a lot in 2019 with rehab. Says Jeff is the best version of himself he's ever seen right now."

He seemed to confirm Fightful's report that Jeff Hardy didn't want to go to rehab, and even Matt Hardy felt he didn't need to.

"Matt says Jeff will eventually tell the story when he's ready to. Confirms @SeanRossSapp's report Jeff did tell WWE he didn't need to go to rehab, and Matt doesn't feel Jeff needs to either. He believes Jeff is in a great place right now, which is good to hear."

Alba concluded by saying:

"Matt says his biggest concern is that Jeff is happy and healthy, and Matt says he is both right now."

It's great to hear that Jeff Hardy is in a good place. Several people seemed surprised at the release as The Charismatic Enigma seemed to be on the cusp of another big push on SmackDown

The first photo of Jeff Hardy since his release has emerged

Ahead of the stream where Matt Hardy addressed the issue with his brother, he posted a photo of them together, seemingly indicating that Jeff Hardy is in a good place. Matt Hardy earlier told fans on Twitter to "know all the facts before conclusion."

This means that we will have to wait for Jeff Hardy to speak up to find out the truth about what happened. All accounts indicate that he was still in a good place, but that isolated incident in the live event had its consequences.

Many fans sided with WWE in releasing Jeff Hardy, something that hasn't been the case most of the time. But the former WWE Champion doesn't appear to be in a bad place, and if Matt Hardy insists that he isn't, then it's great news.

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