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WWE News: Matt Hardy responds to Michael Cole trashing "The Ultimate Deletion" on RAW

Johny Payne
7.66K   //    20 Mar 2018, 21:36 IST

Matt Hardy responds to
Matt Hardy responds to "Obsolete Mule" Michael Cole

What’s the story?

Matt Hardy has taken to social media so as to respond to Michael Cole trashing “The Ultimate Deletion” match on RAW.

Apparently, Hardy took aim at Cole; referring to the latter as an “Obsolete Mule”; in addition to putting forth his traditional Broken/Woken banter.

In case you didn’t know…

This week’s edition of Monday Night RAW saw the Ultimate Deletion Match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt close out the episode.

“Woken” Matt Hardy alongside his platoon—including Vanguard1, Skarsgard, Senor Benjamin, Queen Rebecca & Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy)—defeated Bray Wyatt. Following which he threw Wyatt into the Lake of Reincarnation.

The heart of the matter

Intriguingly, during the WWE broadcast team’s final preview of the Ultimate Deletion Match, play-by-play commentator Michael Cole oddly apologized to the fans for the “obnoxious” match/segment they’re going to have to watch.

Apparently, Matt Hardy took note of Cole’s criticism, and fired back by way of his official Twitter account with the following statement—

“YEEAAAAAASSSSS, #WOKENWarrior.. I've learned of the BLASPHEMY that the OBSOLETE MULE @MichaelCole SPEWED from his MUZZLE.. @Vanguard1AAR, put this HERETIC on your SURVEILLANCE schedule. If this continues, he must be DELETED! #UltimateDELETION”

What’s next?

The vast majority of professional wrestling experts believe that the feud between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt has indeed come to a close.


Fans can expect both Superstars’ next feuds to be revealed in the days to come on RAW.

Author’s take

Honestly speaking, Michael Cole’s critique of the Ultimate Deletion match seemed to be nothing more than general disagreement on the RAW broadcast team—something that’s commonplace between the commentators in most spheres of sports entertainment.

Regardless, perhaps Matt Hardy could seek retribution on Michael Cole by spooking him on the next edition of RAW, or at the very least, continue taking shots on social media, in signature Woken style against a seemingly disgusted Cole. 

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