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WWE News: Mike Johnson and Taz discuss The Hardy Boyz' chances of using the Broken gimmick in WWE

Which Hardys will we see in WWE?

The Broken brothers are coming

What's the story?

As reported by Ringside News, PWInsider's Mike Johnson has stated that he thinks the Hardys will be able to convince Vince McMahon to give their new gimmick a chance - down in NXT. He spoke about the issue alongside ECW legend Taz on his own personal podcast The Taz Show.

In case you didn't know...

There has been much speculation when it comes to where the Hardys will end up following their departure from TNA.

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A lot of people have been anticipating a return to WWE, however, their recent title victory in Ring Of Honor has certainly made a few people second guess themselves. The two men are expected to make some form of impact over WrestleMania weekend - pun not intended.

The heart of the matter

When discussing The Hardys, Johnson said that he thinks Vince is going to want to go with what he knows - aka The Hardy Boyz gimmick. He also went on to state that if Matt can indeed change Vince's mind, the most likely avenue may well be a run down in NXT. Johnson also brought up the possibility of the two brothers having their own show on the WWE Network.


Could we see a return to their old personas?

What's next?

With just a few weeks remaining until WrestleMania time is running out for The Hardys to make the move over, however, it seems more logical for them to either return at Mania itself or in the weeks following the event. If Johnson is right, NXT could be a good place for the team in order to revitalise the brand after a slight drop in quality over the last few months.

Sportskeeda's take

We'd prefer to see Matt and Jeff go straight onto the main roster, but as long as they're in the WWE in some form then we're happy. Hopefully, Vince won't be so stubborn as to not allow them to use the Broken gimmick, as that's what has rejuvenated their career in recent months.

It's exciting to consider the prospect of their return and considering it's WrestleMania season, anything is possible.

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