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WWE News: Paige posts photo of Alberto Del Rio 'with child'

Paige shows her sense of humour with this tweet.

Paige has experienced more superstardom outside the ring than when she was wrestling

What’s the story?

Earlier in the week, Alberto Del Rio responded to a fan who said that Del Rio and Paige were not going to last long. Del Rio then responded and told the fan that he is right, and that he is also pregnant.

The meaning was supposed to indicate that Paige was pregnant, but with this hilarious tweet below, you can see Paige has a sense of humour with regard to Del Rio’s response to the fan:

In this photo, it shows Alberto Del Rio ‘with child’.

In case you didn’t know...

Alberto Del Rio and Paige have been the talk of the summer and the winter. From their Total Divas hook up, to their WWE suspensions, and with Del Rio leaving WWE while Paige has been sidelined with a neck injury, this couple has been all over social media and nobody can get enough of them. 

The heart of the matter

There have been a lot of people who have been opposed to this relationship, most notably the WWE. Both Paige and Alberto Del Rio have been vocal about WWE’s stance on the two of them dating, but Del Rio and Paige did not allow anyone to get in the way of them being together.

Recently, Paige “proposed” to Del Rio. Paige also showed off a recent engagement ring and now a pregnancy photo of Del Rio to showcase why they are the most talked about couple in the industry.

What’s Next?

Paige is sidelined until the summer, so look for her to return around or at Summer Slam 2017.

Sportskeeda’s Take:

The couple has made everyone in the media’s life easier. They always seem to find their way to entertain us and bring about attention: whether it’d be unwanted or warranted.  There hasn’t been a time when the pair has been this entertaining; from before their relationship to even today. This is why this industry is as entertaining as it is, thanks to this type of odd couple. 

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