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WWE News: Paige still not medically cleared for in-ring return

Paige will be returning, but it may not be in a wrestling role.

Will we have to wait longer for the former Anti-Diva’ s return?

Paige has had a roller coaster of a few months. From WWE officials not being happy about her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, to barely being featured on television, to the injury she faced, and to facing a suspension for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy, emotions clearly must be at an all-time high on her end. And that is completely understandable. 

After the Del Rio situation where he decided to ask for his release a month before his contract expired, there were rumors kicking in that Paige had decided to quit WWE and that she had even sought legal council to find a way to get out of her contract that expires only in 2019.

However, it looks like Paige and her party have assessed the situation logically and have decided to stay with WWE. It makes sense as Paige is still very young and has a long future with WWE. She announced on twitter that the reason she was suspended was not because of failing the drug test, but simply because she did not hand over the test in time. These claims are questionable, but if it is so, she will be the second person after Hornswoggle to have been suspended due to this reason.

With all the spotlight Paige has been under with the Del Rio situation and her suspension, many have forgotten the reason Paige was not on television prior to that was because she had a neck injury.

On the latest episode of the MSL & Sullivan podcast, MSL said that Paige had not yet been medically cleared for an in-ring return. Paige’s brother said that she would be returning on the coming Raw. It was also reported that Paige will be returning to the road with her fellow-Raw members next week as well. 

If Paige does return, this means that it will likely be in a non-wrestling role. However, it would definitely be interesting to see the reaction that Paige gets. The safe bet would be that she would be welcomed warmly by the WWE Universe who hasn’t seen her in about two months or so.

With Del Rio having left, and Paige declaring that she was staying, it seems that the situation has calmed down and things will be going back to normal. The Raw women’s division could definitely do with Paige returning.

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