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WWE News: Paige writes sappy love letter to Alberto Del Rio

Paige just can't get enough of Alberto Del Rio and it shows

Fling, or forever? 

Paige is infatuated with Alberto Del Rio, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Throughout social media, she is unashamed to tell the world how head over heels she is for the former WWE Champion. While she admits that she does not do well with relationships, as seen on Total Divas, there is something about Del Rio that Paige cannot stop talking about. Although there is a fifteen-year difference between the two, the love that Paige has for Del Rio makes it look like they are high school sweethearts. 

Just recently, Paige wrote a long love letter to Del Rio on Twitter and entitled it, “Caution. Love post.”

I turned into a hopeless romantic, as you can see. My social media is pretty much a dedication page. But if you could see us together in person you could understand how much love there is.

Never had someone stare at me for hours just to tell me I’m beautiful. Or be around someone 24/7 without getting annoyed or wanting to be alone. Haha.

Never been so ready to live a life with someone. Or someone help me become a better person like he does. I have perfect imperfections is what he says. [He’ll] spend hours singing to me chessy love songs and I love it.

We have close friends that see us and know how happy we make each other. 

I love going and watching him in the ring and probably gonna steal his wrestling moves. ;)

Watching him everyday with his family, fans and doing what he loves is so inspiring.

He’s the hardest worker I know and the biggest family man. It’s beautiful. He’s beautiful. We just face timed and I love the way he looks at me . Knowing that you’re not being used for anything apart from love. Knowing that you found someone who is real. Maybe too real with me with his infamous quotes that I write down in my notes haha. We are soulmates. Luckiest girl to meet someone as amazing as him. I hope everyone gets what I have one day. It’s wonderful. Make sure you keep ahold of it once you find it. 

I’m being all chessy because I get to see him tomorrow after only a few days apart and I can’t wait. See you tomorrow mi amor soooo excited. 

While many question the extreme level of obsession Paige has for Del Rio, it looks like Paige is in too deep to turn back now. Let us hope for the best, because this would be earth-shattering if there comes a time where they are no longer a couple. 

Interestingly, Del Rio has been simply promoting upcoming appearances since that love letter. It looks like he is not the vocal type when it comes to their relationship. 

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