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WWE News: Randy Orton breaks character after a hilarious incident off-screen on RAW

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Randy Orton
Randy Orton

There were a lot of things that happened on this week's WWE RAW premiere, including the announcement of a 5-on-5 tag team match at Crown Jewel, which will take place on October 31st in Saudi Arabia.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan's teams will take on each other, with Hogan's team led by Seth Rollins, while Flair's team will be led by Randy Orton.

King Corbin and Randy Orton on RAW Premiere

During The Miz TV segment where the match was announced, Rollins and Orton joined the two legends in the ring, with Orton challenging Rollins to a match. The Universal Champion accepted the challenge, but Baron Corbin, winner of the 2019 King of the Ring tournament, interfered which gave Orton the opportunity to attack Rollins.

The two Superstars attacked the Universal champ, before Rusev made his way to the ring to save the champ. Rusev was then added to Hogan's team for the match at Crown Jewel.

What really happened with Corbin's throne

After the segment, Corbin returned to the ramp alongwith Orton and sat on his throne, but the throne gave way when he tried to get up, in hilarious fashion. Corbin then went to the commentary table where Jerry "The King" Lawler was laughing hysterically, and chided the WWE Hall of Famer.

On the ramp, Corbin's teammate Orton was in splits, cracking up at what he just saw happen and breaking character.

Unfortunatly, this was not shown on the live broadcast of RAW.

5-on-5 tag team match at Crown Jewel

So far, two Superstars for each team have been announced for the 5-on-5 tag team match at Crown Jewel, with Orton and King Corbin joining Team Flair, and Rollins and Rusev joining Team Hogan.


More Superstars will be announced in the weeks to come.

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