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WWE News: Rob Van Dam reveals he wasn't approached by WWE after the brand-split

Rob Van Dam opens up about his take on the brand split and his current WWE status.

Rob Van Dam said that he and Jericho had the same deal with WWE

Rob Van Dam is perhaps one of the more charismatic superstars of the Ruthless Aggression Era. He brought about a new genre of hard-hitting wrestling style with his ‘educated feet’ and became the face of the new ECW brand.

Rob Van Dam appeared as a special guest on the fifth episode of Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360. In this interview, Rob spoke about his current working status with the WWE and whether he was contacted during the recent draft and brand extension. 

He said that he and Chris Jericho basically have the same deal with the company. He said that his contract allowed him to do short term deals. He informed that he had earlier gone through with the three-month deal and worked sixty-six matches in ninety days.

 His next stint was spread out a little more and he made TV appearances over the span of five months.

“Me and Jericho have the same deal but I don’t have the ambition that he does. He likes being there a lot.”

He said that he did not enjoy the trials that the WWE superstars face on the road traveling for different shows before adding that he was different and wanted to do as little as possible with time.

On being asked whether he was contacted by the WWE during the brand split, he said that he wasn’t. Rob revealed that he, in fact, hasn’t heard from the company for almost a year.  

“It was last October when we talked, and it really wasn’t a good time for me to go out on the road.”

Rob Van Dam informed Sean that he had been facing a lot of personal issues and it probably wasn’t a very good time for him. Moreover, he hinted at the fact that the two parties could not have come to an agreement over the paychecks.

“There’s always a dollar amount that makes it worthwhile, you know what I mean? But the amount that would’ve made it worth it for me to go out and work wouldn’t have been worth it for them and what they were thinking, and so that just didn’t work out.”

He also spoke about his dear friend, Sabu’s generosity. Rob Van Dam had earlier started a campaign to fund Sabu’s surgery. He said that Sabu always insisted on paying the bills for everyone’s dinner and had all the wrestlers stay in his hotel room. He would love to drive everyone around in his car. Rob said that Sabu always wants everyone to be together like family, a quality that he adopted from The Sheik.

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