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WWE News: Roman Reigns talks No Mercy match and feud with John Cena

Simon Cotton
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The Big Dog vs. The Face That Runs the Place
The Big Dog vs. The Face That Runs the Place

What’s the story?

Roman Reigns was a guest on the In This Corner Podcast and said that his program with John Cena had been a learning experience for him because of the “heavy spotlight” the feud was under.

In case you didn’t know...

Cena’s return to Monday Night Raw this past August was the catalyst that kicked off the feud between himself and Reigns. The buildup to their match at No Mercy has been entirely verbal with both men cutting interesting promos week after week.

Reigns’ latest promo on the go-home show for No Mercy was regarded by many as one of the best promos of his career as he namedropped rumoured Cena victim and former WWE Superstar Alex Riley and drove the point home about the 16-time World Champion's part-time hypocrisy.

The heart of the matter

Reigns was asked how he felt having this “WrestleMania-caliber match” occurring so soon and he said that it was exciting to be working with Cena because it was a chance to shine and be a part of something special.

“You have to be excited. I mean, John Cena’s one of the greatest of all time, 16-time world [champion] you know. So anytime you get an opportunity like that you know you’re gonna have a heavy spotlight and that’s what you want in this business.”

Reigns said that his verbal altercations with Cena have been the cause for his improvements on the microphone and that this program was the complete opposite from his previous feud with Braun Strowman.

“The program I just came off of with Braun Strowman was a heavy physicality program. So, it is nice to switch gears and get better at something. I’ve definitely gotten better on the stick working with John and I have to give him credit for that”

Reigns also said that the breaking of the fourth wall was unfamiliar territory for him, but it helped to spice the feud up and lets the fans feel like they’re in on what’s being said.


What’s next?

Reigns and Cena have said just about everything they could about each other, so there’s nothing left now but the physicality to come.

Tune in to No Mercy this Sunday to see which one of the WWE’s golden boys comes out on top.

Author’s take

The promos between Reigns and Cena have been a genuine highlight for Monday Night Raw, and if their match can deliver the way it needs to, this program will undoubtedly be a feud of the year contender.

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