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WWE News: Rowan gives bizarre response when asked about Wyatt Family

Published Sep 15, 2019
Sep 15, 2019 IST

The Wyatt Family
The Wyatt Family

WWE SmackDown Live Superstar Rowan recently sat down with Super Luchas and talked on a variety of topics. When asked about his past associations with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, Rowan gave an incredibly strange answer, hinting that he doesn't know where they are.

Rowan's career so far...

Rowan came up to the main roster way back in 2013 as a part of The Wyatt Family. Soon after the family broke up, he realigned with Harper to form a Tag Team named The Bludgeon Brothers. Earlier this year, Rowan came back as a sidekick to Daniel Bryan and helped him defeat AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble PPV.

Recently, Rowan got involved in a major storyline that focused on Roman Reigns and a mystery attacker. It was later revealed that Rowan was the mastermind behind the attacks on Reigns, and the two Superstars are all set to face off against each other at tonight's Clash of Champions PPV. Rowan's former partner Harper hasn't been seen on TV for a while now, and rumor has it that he is being paid to sit at home. As for Bray Wyatt, his career has seen a resurgence after WrestleMania 35 as he came back donning a completely different gimmick. He started as a host on a children's show, but soon turned into a sinister entity named The Fiend.

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Rowan talks about Wyatt and Harper

When asked about his former teammates, Rowan gave a very incoherent answer. He talked about never meeting The Fiend, and followed it up by stating that he hasn't found Harper yet. Check it out for yourself:

"Who is that? The Fiend? I never met him! The Fiend or Bray Wyatt... [Luke Harper] is part of the Bludgeon Brothers, so yes, I know him.
"Follow [Harper] on Twitter. Follow him on Instagram. I think Instagram has location tags so you can follow where exactly where [Harper] at. I have not found him yet. I think last week he was in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota is my hometown and I didn't see him. Where was he? I was there and I didn't see him there. As with Bray Wyatt… Never heard of them [Harper and Wyatt]. I don't know them."

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